Opening Week! Tuesday-9/27

Welcome to the last day of Opening Week!

Tuesday 9/27- Event Schedule

  • Check out the  dailysched927.docx or Opening Week 2022 – Centering Students & Creating Community ( for information on trainings and meetings available today.
  • 11:00 am-1:30 pm: Thai-U-Up food truck in the courtyard. Check-in at a table in the courtyard for a meal ticket sponsored by the foundation. The first 150 meals are free!
  • The opening week planning committee encourages your feedback on these events. 
  • Review campus feedback from the President’s Welcome session on:
    • How should leaders build trust collaboratively?
    • What organizational structures would aid in building trust at the College?
    • How can the College create new opportunities for relationship building?
    • What professional development and training could the College provide to support the work ahead
    • How can the College improve internal communication and transparency?
    • What is missing?
    • Go to the Library, room 4237 (large open area in the front), to review printouts of the feedback. “Like” items by adding a colored dot or by highlighting them; add more ideas by writing on sticky notes (see the attached photos below).
white board with sticky notes
sticky notes and colored dots on a table
white board with sticky notes
white board - feedback on presidents welcome

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