Welcome to Fall Quarter at Shoreline Community College

Dear Shoreline Faculty and Staff:

Please review the important information below to help you help our students to get started and be successful this quarter —

Tuition Deadline for Fall Quarter (this is a new date). 

Students have until October 3 to pay their student account balance (part or in full).

Fall Quarter Drop for Non-payment 

A drop for non-payment process will take place on Tuesday, October 4, for students in the following categories:

  1. owe more than $100,
  2. have not made any payments,
  3. sign up for a Nelnet Payment Plan, or
  4. do not have a hold to prevent their classes from being dropped. 

An email message will be sent to these students at risk of being dropped on 9/28/22.

Fall Quarter Financial Aid 

There have been some serious delays in processing and issuing aid to students. Students who are enrolled and have applied for financial aid will have a hold placed on their account to prevent them from being dropped for non-payment. At the same time, the Financial Aid office will continue to review their files to determine financial aid eligibility. We are also prioritizing these students to be contacted and potentially receive aid through our secondary source (COVID Federal Relief or HEERF funds).

Please encourage our students to apply for https://www.shoreline.edu/apply-and-aid/funding-and-aid/emergency-funds.aspx and also have them check out Shoreline’s https://www.shoreline.edu/apply-and-aid/funding-and-aid/default.aspx.

We appreciate your attention to these important dates.  Please contact us if there are questions or concerns.

Shoreline Financial Aid – financialaid@shoreline.edu

Shoreline Enrollment Services – enrollmentservices@shoreline.edu

Thank you.

Phillip J. King, Ed.D.

Vice President for Student Learning, Equity, and Success

Shoreline Community College


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