Last Chance to Provide Feedback on How to Build Trust and Improve Communication

Dear Campus Community, 

Hope your Friday is off to a good start! 

Thank you for providing extensive feedback on the questions I posed during the President’s Welcome session on the first day of Opening Week:  

·         How should leaders build trust collaboratively? What are best practices that have worked here or elsewhere?   

·         What organizational structures (like councils, reporting structures, etc.) would aid in building trust at the College? 

·         How can the College create new opportunities for relationship building?  What would that look like in day-to-day practice? 

·         What professional development and training could the College provide to support the work that is ahead?  Do you have ideas on who could facilitate that training? 

·         How can the College improve internal communication and transparency? What would that look like in day-to-day practice? 

·         What is missing? What should we have asked that we did not? 

Many of you reviewed that feedback in the Library and “liked” certain ideas and/or added more comments. 

For those of you who could not make it to the Library, please take this chance to provide anonymous feedback online by 5 pm, Friday, October 7th.  

You will hear more from me on this topic by the end of October. 



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