Benefits Hub Student Ambassador Employment Opportunity

Student Opportunity!

Benefits Hub Student Ambassador 

Join the team today! Applications are open! Student Ambassadors will conduct peer-to-peer campus outreach to engage more students with the Benefits Hub program, educate fellow students regarding food access and basic needs resources, and hone personal and professional skills. This is a part-time AmeriCorps position. Must be a current Shoreline College Student. 

Learn More HERE!

Service dates are from October 25th – March 12th, 2023.  

  • Bi-weekly stipend of $198 (pre-tax) 
  • Flexible schedule, average of 5-6 hours/week (100 total) 
  • $365 education award upon successful completion of service term 
  • Free unlimited ORCA card 
  • $100 professional development stipend 
  • Food handlers permit 
student ambassador information listed on a graphic
student ambassador information listed on a graphic

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