Ad Hoc Accreditation Visit, Friday, October 14

Ad Hoc Accreditation Visit, Friday, October 14

On Friday, October 14, Shoreline will be hosting two evaluators from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) for an ad hoc accreditation visit following up on two recommendations from Shoreline’s Fall 2020 comprehensive self-study and evaluation:

Recommendation 1: Fall 2020 Mission Fulfillment and Sustainability – Provide evidence of a systematic method for collecting, storing, accessing, using, and sharing data for the purposes of ongoing and systematic evaluation, planning, resource allocation, and informing decision-making toward improving institutional effectiveness and achieving mission fulfillment. (2020 Standard(s) 1.B.1;1.B.2)

Recommendation 2: Fall 2020 Mission Fulfillment and Sustainability – Engage in assessment practices that focus on systematic and ongoing assessment of course learning outcomes that lead to program learning outcomes in general education, all instructional and student support areas. Assessments must be used to improve student learning outcomes and inform academic and learning support planning and practices. (2020 Standard(s) 1.C.5;1.C.6;1.C.7)

The evaluators have scheduled interviews from 8:00am to 1:00pm with specific groups involved in addressing these recommendations. The purpose of the visit is to verify information in the ad hoc self-study submitted in early September, and a supplemental report provided last week.  In addition, the evaluators will be gathering additional information to ensure they have a full understanding of Shoreline’s progress since Fall of 2020 in addressing the cited standards.

If you have questions about the visit, please contact Bayta Maring (

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