Are you interested in becoming a Search Advocate?

Search Advocate positions on campus support search committee activities with the goal of ensuring equity, validity, and diversity in Shoreline Community College recruitments. Search Advocates serve as non-voting resource positions to a recruitment process, working directly with the screening committee members as they review applicant data and determine candidates for advancement in the process.

The Search Advocate Foundations workshop series establishes a theoretical foundation of current research about implicit bias and diversity, information about the changing legal landscape in hiring, and an overview of inclusive employment principles. Using this foundation, you will begin to construct your own framework of practice, delve into specific issues that may arise at each stage of the search process, and explore various ways to head off or respond to those issues.  By the end of the final session, you will have a toolkit of practical strategies for each stage of the search process, and approaches to help you perform the advocate role effectively as part of a search committee.


  • Open to permanent employees at the College, who can:
    • Attend all 4 training sessions in the workshop series.
    • Commit to serving 2-3 recruitment processes each year.

Time commitment:

  • Training Sessions
    • ½ days October 24, 26, 28 & 31 (8:30 am – 12:30 pm) via Zoom
  • Recruitment Support
    • Must be able to be present for all functions of a recruitment process
      • Approximately 10 – 15 hours per recruitment

Specific expertise needed:

  • Knowledge:  You take responsibility for learning about how privilege and oppression affect others in everyday life. You use inclusive language and make yourself aware of and avoid stereotyping others.
  • Skills: Adept at facilitation and/or teaching; skilled at active listening and collaborating; able to learn/lead from the lens of non-majority identity.
  • Attitudes and Experiences:  Have a passion for removing barriers; able to self-reflective and recognize one’s own ongoing work and be bias toward action to remove a bias thinking; able to advocate tactfully to create an environment of belonging and justice.

Are you interested?

Submit your interest in becoming a Search Advocate at Shoreline by emailing by 10/14/22.

Thank you!


Elise Robinson, M.Ed.

Human Resource Manager

Shoreline Community College

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