New Technology Support Center Helpdesk Software Coming

What’s happening

Shoreline Support Center image searchbar
  • The software that runs the current support center is called Zendesk.
  • Later this month TSS will replace Zendesk with new software called TeamDynamix. This is currently scheduled to happen on November 19.
  • It has the same features as Zendesk but will look somewhat different.
Shoreline Support Center image student or employee help services buttons

What will change?

Why is this being done?

  • Since ctcLink was implemented many more support agents have been added to the help desk software
  • TeamDynamix is more cost effective and allows us to add many more support agents
  • This will also make it possible for us to provide help desk services in parts of the college currently using older ways of helping people such as e-mail
  • TeamDynamix will also support services we haven’t had in the help desk software before, such as inventory and project management
  • This project supports TSS’ ongoing efforts to improve service in the department and for the rest of the college


Gavin Smith
Acting Director
Technology Support Services

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