International Transfer Fair Recap

International Education hosted the first in-person Transfer Fair since Winter 2020 on November 3. Check out our photos and recap below!

Approximately 70 colleges and universities sent admissions representatives who set up in our Main Dining Room, ready to tell students all about their offerings. Shoreline collaborates with our neighboring SBCTC colleges to schedule transfer fairs during the same week, making it easier for more institutions to participate in multiple fairs during one trip.

Well over 100 students attended the event, including about 30 students visiting from Whatcom Community College! Representatives reported that students were well-prepared and asked focused questions about their institutions. They’re just as excited as we are to be back in person!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by, including President Kahn! Stay tuned for the Winter Transfer Fair, coming January 31 – all students and staff are welcome!

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