Message from Lisa Patterson – 2023 Open Enrollment Summary of Changes

This message is for all insurance-eligible employees only. Here is more information to help you understand any changes you make during the PEBB Annual Open Enrollment period, November 1-30.

Summary of changes to your benefits for 2023

All changes are effective January 1, 2023, unless otherwise noted.

  • summary of the changes to all medical plans, Kaiser Permanente NW, Kaiser Permanente WA, and Uniform Medical Plan.
  • summary of the changes to DeltaCare.

You can also view rule changes and other changes for 2023 from the PEBB Program’s open enrollment webpage and in your October For Your Benefit newsletter.

Don’t confuse these dental plans

The PEBB Program offers two dental plans administered by Delta Dental that are often confused. Sometimes members intend to enroll in Uniform Dental Plan (UDP) but accidentally enroll in DeltaCare, or vice versa. During open enrollment, be careful to choose the dental plan you want.

  • DeltaCare (Group 3100) is a managed-care plan with a narrow network. You must choose a primary care dentist within the network or you will be assigned a primary care dentist. Your primary care dentist must give you a referral to see a specialist. This plan will not pay claims if you see a provider outside of the network.
  • Uniform Dental Plan (Group 3000) is a preferred-provider plan. You may choose and change any dental provider at any time, but you will usually have lower out-of-pocket costs if you see in-network providers.

Compare your dental plan options on the PEBB Program’s Dental plans & benefits webpage. Before you enroll in a dental plan, check with the plan (DeltaCare or UDP, not the provider) to see if your provider is in the plan’s network and confirm the group number. You can call the dental plan’s customer service or use the plan’s online directory.

Dual enrollment is prohibited

Dual enrollment within the Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) Program and between the PEBB and School Employees Benefits Board (SEBB) Programs is prohibited.

Dual enrollment within the PEBB Program

  • You may waive PEBB medical to enroll as a dependent under the PEBB medical plan of your spouse, state-registered domestic partner (SRDP), or parent.
    • You must enroll in your own dental plan.
  • A child eligible for PEBB medical and dental under you and your spouse or SRDP may be enrolled under both accounts, but the child is limited to one medical plan enrollment and one dental plan enrollment.
  • If you are eligible under two PEBB employers, you may choose which employer to enroll under. Note: Faculty who stack to establish or maintain eligibility for the employer contribution will be enrolled under the employer responsible for paying the employer contribution.

Dual enrollment between PEBB and SEBB Programs

  • You may waive PEBB medical and dental to enroll in SEBB medical, dental, and vision.
  • If you waive PEBB medical and dental to enroll in SEBB medical, dental, and vision plans, you will be enrolled in PEBB employer-paid long-term disability (LTD), employee-paid LTD with the option to reduce or decline the benefit, and basic life insurance.

If you waive PEBB medical and/or dental and then lose eligibility under the account you are enrolled in, you must notify your employing agency no later than 60 days from the date benefits end. To avoid a gap in coverage, submit the enrollment/change form prior to the benefits end date.

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