Conditions at Shoreline CC: 11/29/22

While campus was cold but clear earlier this morning, snowfall has now begun! The roads currently remain clear, and the campus remains open for all services, however, the College will continue to monitor the changing weather conditions and keep the campus apprised of any operational impacts throughout the day.  Please note, our inclement weather partner Seattle Snow Company, has already visited campus earlier this morning and spread deicer across all campus roadways as a pre-emptive safety measure.   

  • For those employees who feel unsafe traveling to campus, please work with your supervisor for remote work or leave options as needed. 
  • For those students who feel unsafe traveling to campus, please work with your instructor for options. 
  • For those getting questions from students, or other community members, please remember to direct them to the College website for the most up-to-date information regarding campus operations.  Updates will be posted there immediately. 

Please refrain from calling the Safety & Security phone lines for condition updates as those phone lines should remain open for emergencies. 

Lastly, take a peek at the snow flurries by clicking this link to access the HSAMCC Project Camera (pictures taken every 4 minutes). 

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