Employee Carpool Permit

Did you know we offer a free, employee carpool parking permit?

Valid for the current quarter only, and eligible employees may be renewed each quarter.

This is a commute trip reduction (CTR) offered incentive.


-PT/FT employee (not work study, not a student)

-Commutes to Shoreline CC on a regular basis (3 days a week minimum, Monday-Friday)

-Required minimum of 2 carpool riders, maximum of 4 carpool riders

-Employee Carpool Contract must be completely filled out at Safety & Security (5102), then employee carpool permit will be issued.


-Permit must be displayed face-up on the rearview mirror or the FRONT dashboard

-Permit is NOT VALID for guests/visitors

-Permit is only valid when there are two or more carpoolers in the vehicle when parking

-Carpool permits may NOT be used when driving alone. If driving alone use a standard employee parking permit and follow standard employee parking rules

-Permit may NOT be duplicated

-Permit may only be used by employees listed on the application.

Violations of these rules and regulations include but are not limited to the following fines/penalties:

-Ticket/fine for using space without permit displayed = $95

-Wheel-lock and or impoundment of vehicle

-Revocation of carpool privileges for the current quarter and subsequent quarters

Benefits of carpooling to work: https://rideamigos.com/employee-carpool-programs

For any questions, or assistance with finding an employee carpool match, please e-mail: mames@shoreline.edu


Mary Lou Ames, M.S.
Program Specialist 2, Safety & Security 

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