Security Update December 2022

Dear Campus Community, 

Following several high-profile incidents that our campus and our neighboring community have recently endured; I spoke about improvements to ensure continued safety and security for our college community. This communication marks the first update, with more to come as we continue to see progress. 

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Department of Safety & Security 

1.     The Department of Safety & Security is in the process of recruiting and hiring (3) additional Full-time Campus Security Officers. This will bring the Full-time uniformed Campus Security staff to (1) Lieutenant and (9) Campus Security Officers in total. 

o    When the department is fully staffed; the additional positions will allow the department to move to (2) uniformed personnel being on-duty and on-patrol 24/7/365 

2.     The Department of Safety & Security is renewing use of trainings provided by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center: 

o    8-Hour Crisis Intervention Training 

o    40-Hour Crisis Intervention Trainings 

o    Additional courses are being explored to see if they are available to our department (DEI training, victim interaction training, de-escalation training, etc.). 

3.     The college is in the process of obtaining information and has started communication with various partners as it considers training and equipping uniformed Campus Security personnel with the AXON Taser 7. 

4.     The Department of Safety & Security has purchased SOS devices that will allow uniformed Campus Security personnel to send a distress message to 911 if they are incapacitated or unable to contact 911 while in emergency situations. 

Campus Physical Security 

1.     A proposal is being finalized, pending the receipt of quotes from vendors, and is expected to be presented to the Executive Team before the Campus Winter Closure. The proposal will cover upgrades over the next 5 fiscal years (22-23, 23-24, 24-25, 25-26, 26-27). 

o    Upgrading campus doors so that they can be secured immediately manually secured in the event of a lockdown or active threat. 

o    Upgrading various on campus intersections and crosswalks with additional safety measures; crosswalk beacons, do not enter signs, and LED stop signs

o    Increasing number of emergency call boxes in parking lots and in more remote areas of campus. 

o    Additional campus notification system (PA system, lighting indicators, etc.). 

o    Additional or upgraded fences and gates. 

o    Additional or upgraded burglary systems. 

o    Additional signage with Campus Security phone numbers distributed across campus. 

2.     The Director of Facilities, Kimberlee Clark, is coordinating a lighting specialist to come to campus to analyze and suggest improvements to lighting campuswide. 

Campus Community Members 

1.     ‘CRASE (Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events)’ training seminars will be offered on a monthly basis, open to students, staff, and faculty; conducted by the Director of Safety & Security. 

o    The first seminar is to be scheduled for end of January 2023. 

o    One annual CRASE seminar, conducted by law enforcement partners, will be scheduled during opening week. 

o    ‘Not So New Employee Orientation to Safety & Security’ and ‘Not So New Student Orientation to Safety & Security’ will be offered on a quarterly basis (starting Winter Quarter 2023), with multiple sessions available during Fall Quarters, should the demand arise. 

Additional Notes 

1.     President Kahn will meet with the Director of Security and Chief of Shoreline Police multiple times throughout each year to ensure that every collaborative effort is being made between the college and Shoreline Police to continue to provide a safe and secure campus. The first meeting in this serious is tentatively set for December 2022.  

o    Campus Security has 2 fully-marked and outfitted patrol vehicles that it typically uses. When a vehicle is out of service for an extended period of time, we receive loaner vehicles from Washington State or King County fleet services 

o    The loaner vehicles we receive have no decals and typically no emergency lights. 

o    They will still have except license plates 

o    Currently both of our patrol vehicles are out of service (one due to damage sustained during a campus incident and the other due to a major mechanical issue). 

o    We currently have a Ford Explorer and Chevy Impala as our loaner patrol vehicles. 

The safety and security of the college campus, college community, and Campus Security personnel remains paramount in my role. Please feel free to reach out to Campus Security or me with any questions. 


Gregory Cranson 

Director | Department of Safety & Security 

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