The Shoreline area is predicted to see snowfall beginning at 5-6pm this evening with heavy accumulation anticipated overnight. The College will remain open until 5pm, with all evening activities and classes are cancelled after 6pm for today.

Supervisors should work with employees who may need to head home early this afternoon (utilizing remote work or leave as appropriate) because of worsening conditions near their home areas. Employees should also take home laptops, etc. in the event the College moves to remote operations because of weather conditions tomorrow.


  • The College will post inclement weather updates to the College website by 5:00am each day as appropriate.
  • For those getting questions from students or other community members, please direct them to the College website for up-to-date information.
  • Please refrain from calling the Safety & Security phone lines for condition updates as those phone lines should remain open for emergencies.
  • Sign-up or update your RAVE alert settings HERE.

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