Good morning Campus Community,

This is a quick update regarding the status of the campus wireless networks. We are encountering ongoing intermittency with wireless network access across campus. This is due to a number of Access Points that are not returning to service and have to be manually interacted with to restore service. There are approximately 28 known APs at this time that we are working to reset and restore. We have been informed this morning that additional APs which are not reporting issues are experiencing difficulty. 

We are still trying to move from south campus to north campus, but given the time variance and delay with the identified APs, we will be re-focusing on areas as follows:

  • classrooms/areas with high student/faculty and no physical connectivity
  • conference rooms/meeting areas with high attendance requirements
  • all other spaces

Unfortunately, the current completion time is for full resolution is unknown. Please know that the wireless networks are being prioritized to get them restored as quickly as possible. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding. Further updates will be forthcoming as status changes.
Thank you,Ric

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