Drop for non-payment process (DNP) today

Dear Shoreline Faculty and Staff,

As we begin our winter quarter, with a 2.4% increase compared to last year in overall FTE, we are also in the first week of the quarter where we drop students for non-payment. Our first query to identify this population began early last week, after which multiple student support teams identify students that we need to hold (or prevent from being dropped). The original list included over 1500 students, and through our review process, dropped to 319 students early this afternoon. Students have been continuously communicated with from the student financial and student support teams to ensure each knew the importance of paying their tuition and how to contact us. Also, please see a link to the communication we sent students regarding this process here.

319 students were dropped late this afternoon.

I know many faculty and staff are then asked to assist some of these students when they seek to re-enter or re-register for courses. I would ask that you work closely with your deans, administrative support, navigators, advisors, and enrollment teams if students are seeking re-entry into courses.

Please contact Enrollment Services (206-546-4611) or Student Financials (206-546-7850) if there are direct support questions. If there are questions about the process, then please contact  [mailto:Chippi%20Bello%20%3ccbello@shoreline.edu%3e]Dean Chippi Bello.


Phillip J. King

Vice President, Student Learning, Equity, and Success


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