Good evening Campus Community,

This is a quick update regarding the status of the wireless networks. The wireless networks should now be restored and accessible in all areas. All access points are reporting updated, joined, and servicing connections. We will continue to monitor the wireless networks closely over the next several days to ensure they remain in service. Over the next several weeks, we will be doing a walk-through to conduct a physical inventory to better evaluate coverage, accessibility, and identify precise locations. 

If you happen to be in an area that has been unintentionally missed, please let us know and we will investigate to determine the next steps for restoring wireless service in your area.

We have implemented several improvements to the wireless networks to ensure service continuity and faster service restoration in the event of future outages. We are continuing to look into further improvements for switch and access points ( to include power, connectivity, and configuration deployment/failover) and generator and UPS testing for power continuity and failover to reduce potential for outages and equipment damage in the future.


The SCC EVENT wireless network is temporarily offline. Due to misuse and abuse of this wireless network, SCC EVENT will be reconfigured to improve security and better serve its intended purpose of serving events on campus. Please be sure you connect your personal devices, laptops, etc. to the appropriate SCC STAFF or SCC STUDENT WI-FI wireless networks. Campus-owned / provided laptops and devices are configured to automatically connect to the appropriate wireless network.

We apologize for the failure to individually respond to those persons asking for additional information, area-specific updates, or detailed information on the restoration process. We very much appreciate your patience and understanding through this new year tribulation. 

Thank you,


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