Improvements on the Horizon for Shoreline Early Alert 

Hello campus community: 

As you may have heard, Shoreline Early Alert will see some major improvements this academic year.    Please continue reading to learn more about the upcoming changes. 

What’s happening? 

This year, Shoreline Early Alert is moving from Formstack to a much simpler, more transparent process in Starfish, our student success & retention platform.  The new Starfish process will be easier to use: faculty will no longer be required to enter basic information such as student ID number; rather than needing to hunt down the form each term, it will come directly via email early in each term; and instructors will be able to can see the outcome of their submission in Starfish. 

What’s the timeline? 

  • Early Winter – Conduct a small test of the Starfish SEA process between weeks 2 and 4 of Winter term.  During this time, the SEA Formstack will remain open and available for use with other students not included in the pilot. 
  • Mid-Winter – Collect and analyze feedback from participants.  The Starfish team will use this information to make improvements to the process. 
  • End of Winter – Keep an eye on DAAG for an update about the results of the Starfish SEA pilot.  Faculty and staff will also have the opportunity to preview the new process before the full rollout later on this year. 
  • Spring – We’ll do additional testing and refinement of Shoreline Early Alert in Starfish 
  • Summer – Decommission the SEA Formstack and formally replace with the improved Starfish process 

Who is participating in the Winter pilot? 

We’re conducting the pilot using a small set of students who have designated support staff. 

Instructors teaching students in the test group will soon receive an email with instructions, and a link to the new Starfish SEA process. 

Referrals made through the new SEA process will be handled by designated support staff who have already received special training.  Academic advisors will not need to take any action and should continue handling the Formstack SEA referrals as usual. 

If you have any questions, please contact Caitlin Jacques, Shoreline’s Starfish Business Analyst, at   

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