New Faculty Institute

Dear Shoreline Faculty,

I am writing this message as outcome of our work this past fall with the Shoreline New Faculty Institute (NFI).  Many thanks to Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen and the new faculty that were so engaged.  I sincerely the thoughtful conversations and work together. In Fall 2022 we had 17 new full-time tenure track faculty, plus two second-year faculty joined the first new faculty institute. The group met weekly in a hybrid modality to discuss a range of topics from specific activities at Shoreline (Guided pathways, Learning Outcomes, ARCs, etc. ) and Pedagogy information (including labor-based grading and TILT). There was a canvas site built using the faculty onboarding course Crystal Hess designed in 2021, and much of the eLearning resources available in Canvas. Faculty will continue to have access to the canvas site and these resources.

Throughout the quarter we asked for feedback and attempted to adapt to the new faculty needs as it was possible. At the end of the quarter, we received extensive feedback and a follow-up meeting with two of the participants. Based on this feedback we have moved to three sessions for winter. The topics were requested during this feedback process. It was also requested to make attendance optional. That has been clearly stated in all communications with the participants. All sessions have been communicated to the participants via canvas and email.

Here are the sessions for Winter Quarter:

  • 1/20, 12-1:30 Pho with friends. This will be our kickoff session for the winter quarter. We will discuss the NFI expectations, how to participate, and what the thoughts are for the next year based on the input you all have shared. I will find a place on campus (1727) and get some Pho and sandwiches delivered in.  We have 9 RSVPs for this session. Food will be ordered the afternoon of 1/19. 
  • 2/3, 9-11am ARC goals and report drafting. Mentors invited! We will look at some samples of 1st year ARC long reports and start drafting your own documents. While the main reports are done by the ARC chair and administrators, you will have goals and an updated CV to work on. I will try to get us a computer lab for this session (1308 is scheduled). And we will get some coffee and breakfast brain food in. (nuts, fruit, egg bites…)  This session will be hybrid. Sample documents will be added to canvas.
  • 2/27 3-4pm DEI and Meet Melanie Dixon. Melanie Dixon is the new VP of DEI for the college. I will invite her to our last session of winter to talk about DEI vision and plans at the college. This session will be held via zoom as requested by faculty participants. 

Continued feedback is appreciated. There will be additional activities in the spring quarter, and we are planning on offering a new faculty institute again next Fall. The feedback received will help us improve the institute for the next group.


Phillip J. King, Ed.D.

Vice President for Student Learning, Equity, and Success

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