From VP-DEI Melanie Dixon

Dear Campus Community,  

Firstly, I want to start by thanking you for the warm welcome as I transition into the college and my new role to engage in DEI efforts alongside all of you. It has been refreshing to meet so many in the community who are full of innovative ideas and eager to engage.  

Today marks my 14th day at the college and I’ve learned a lot about the rich history of this campus community. The history reflects the commitment to DEI, and I am appreciative of all those responsible for laying a foundation for us to build upon. There is much still left to accomplish in this space to achieve our commitment to equity and inclusion. As an individual who believes wholeheartedly in co-creation, I am confident that together we can identify barriers to inclusion and dismantle them together. I also have no doubt that collectively we can address equity gaps that undermine academic and professional success. Recognizing the importance of a name and preferred pronouns or understanding the implications of power structures will require intentionality and mindfulness. I am eager to make certain all members of the community are seen, heard, and valued. I come to you with humility, compassion and always extending grace.  

I value transparency and effective communication to make sure everyone is involved in DEI efforts. My responsibilities are at the system level and thus my work will touch all areas of the college. That said, I think it’s important for the community to be aware of individuals and areas pertaining to the important work of DEI.  

·        Savena Garrett, (she, her, hers), Dean of Support Services  

·        Miranda Levy, M.A., CRC, ADAC (she, her), Accessibility Service  

·        Roberto Enrique Lopez, (he, him, his), Gender Equity Center  

·        James Lawrence Ardeña , (he, him, his) Multicultural Center  

·        Tasha Nālei Jugas, (she, her, hers), AANAPISI Center (Directly Reports to Advising) 

·        Courtnay Llacuna, (she, her, hers), AANAPISI Center  

·        Fabian Fuentes, (he, him, his) Benefits Hub 

·        Aisha Hauser, (she, her, hers), DEI Trainer 

·        DEI Advisory Group  

I plan to regularly report progress on DEI efforts occurring across the college. You can find updates in weekly all-staff memos starting in February, DAAG posts, and email updates from me.  

If you have immediate questions or would like to talk about DEI work, please contact me! Let’s chat! 

My office is located Administration Building, Room 1019B, my email is and office hours are M-F 8am-5pm. 

Melanie Dixon
Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Pronouns: she, her

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