Visitor Parking Permit Requests

Hi Campus,

Please see the information below on how to request visitor parking permits as an employee (for new hires, meetings, events, etc.):

  • Request visitor parking permits here:
  • You can request either an ePermit (for them to print and place on their dashboard), or a yellow hanging visitor parking permit (valid for one day only). The yellow-hanging visitor parking permits cannot be copied, modified, or altered in any way, shape, or form. If you need a certain number of yellow hanging permits, please designate that on the submission form. If you request a yellow-hanging visitor parking permit or an ePermit, you’ll receive further instructions on how to distribute them.
  • The ePermit cannot be modified or altered in any way, shape, or form and cannot exceed the designated number of copies that were requested in the submission form. If you need an ePermit for more than one day, please put that in the comment section of the form.
  • You can designate the number of visitor parking permits requested in the submission form.
  • Visitor parking permits are $1.50/day per permit – unless it falls under college-sponsored parking.
  • For more information on state commissions/boards, please see this link:

Visitor/Guest Parking on Campus: Eligibility and Procedures

Thank you,

Department of Safety & Security

(206) 546-4633

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