Athletic Newsletter, FIRST EDITION!

Hi Everyone, please see attached our first edition of our Athletic Newsletter! We are hoping to post articles at least every two weeks (if not more often).  Kudos to Mia Bradshaw, Dan Aries, and Crystal Berry for helping us make this happen. 

Please visit our Athletic website to get information on our upcoming home games, I know both teams would appreciate your support!

Also, “Pack the Stand Night” is on February 8th versus Edmonds college, W Basketball tip-off at 5:30pm, and M Basketball tip-off at 7:30pm. Bring the noise and wear the Green & Gold!

Basketball schedules



Thank you for your support, GO PHINS!

Featuered stories from athletics, Players of the week, Men and Womens Basketball, and weekly scores

Steve Eskridge
Director of Athletics, Intramurals, Wellness, and Physical Education

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