Follow-Up Message from Payroll Manager D. Bryant: Sick Leave Buyout for 2022 – Deadline is 3 p.m., 1/31/23

Good Morning,

I am sorry if my previous email has confused you.  Under the Washington State Policy Chapter 25. 40.30 you must:

  1. Have a sick leave balance of 480 hours or more before you are eligible for the sick leave buyout.
  2. Can only have a buyout amount of
    1. Leave accrued – minus leave taken = amount available for buyout (at ¼ the hours) OR
    2. Or the max allowed amount above 480, when this amount is reached during the current year

                                                    i.     (example)  At the end of December 2022 you were at 523.69 hours; you accrued 51.33 hours, you used zero hours.  Your eligible buyout amount would be 43.69 (523.69-480=43.69).

  1. Finally, to check to see if you are eligible, please follow the steps below
    1. Log into ctcLink
    2. Chose HCM Self-Service
    3. Click the Time Tile
    4. Click the Absence Balance Tile

                                                    i.     Look at your sick leave balance, if this number is lower than 480 hours > then you are not eligible for the sick leave buyout and will more than likely see this message:

  1. If you have other messages, please take a snip-it of the message and send that to and I will follow up with you.

Delene Bryant
Payroll Manager
HR & Employee Relations

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