Shoreline Art Gallery – Winter exhibition announcement and invitation to participate!


The Shoreline Art Gallery would like to share some news on an upcoming event and a call for participation!

Upcoming event… 

Let’s get together and celebrate our students! 

This quarter, the Shoreline Art Gallery will be putting together an exhibit titled, Shelter in Place. This student-focused exhibition will feature creative works made during remote learning that illustrates what the experience was like for students and how the arts and creative projects provided a platform for community and connection. This exhibit is intended to honor and recognize the obstacles that our remote students had to overcome during this challenging period and to celebrate their achievements. 

As focus of this exhibition, a selection of photographic work from Shoreline Intermediate and Advanced students will be on display that highlights how arts-based practices can serve emerging student artists as a pedagogical tool for providing purpose and healing during times of crises. 

The tentative dates for this exhibition are March 3rd through April 7th. Reception date TBD. 

Call for faculty participation… 

The Shoreline Art Gallery is looking for samples of student work from faculty members who encouraged students in their courses to produce creative works under themes surrounding the shelter-in-place experience. These themes include but are not limited to: 

  • Reflections throughout Covid pandemic on the experience 
  • BLM movement, protest, social change, and anti-racist initiatives 
  • Themes surrounding mental health and healing 
  • Establishing community and belonging in innovative ways 

Exhibition media might include but is not limited to: 

  • Works of visual art (i.e. drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures, etc.) 
  • Musical performances  or sound based media (filmed or recorded) 
  • Film/video productions or other performances 
  • Written or spoken word such as short stories or poetry 
  • Documented community projects or organized events

Interested…? Here’s what we need to know! 

Interested faculty should respond to this email confirming their interest in participating no later than Wednesday February 8th. Please include the following information: 

  • Description of media: Please include title, date, media, dimensions and whether or not any special display arrangements are necessary (i.e., electronic media, speakers, projectors, screens, television, computers, etc.) 
  • Description of working them and/or project context: A sentence or two on the contextual nature of the project conducted. For the exhibition, faculty may include a statement that reflects their process of working with these students and/or any prompts provided for the project or tasks assigned that led to the project’s creation. 
  • Photograph of submission: If possible, please include visual samples of the work/s you are considering. 

Following your confirmation of interest, you will be contacted with further details. 


Deadline for confirming participation: Wednesday, February 8, 2023 

File Submissions for Literary, Performance and Sound-based works: Friday, February 24 (deliver hard drive OR email to SCC Gallery Director, Zach Mazur: 

Delivery of visual art: Monday, February 27 8am-6pm. Visual Arts Building, 2052. 

I look forward to celebrating the creativity and perseverance of our students! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if there are any questions! 


Zach Mazur  

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