Employee Safety Survey – DES State Office of Risk Management

Dear Colleagues, 

Please take a few minutes to complete a short safety survey… 

Each year, the DES State Office of Risk Management, together with the State Agency Safety Professionals Alliance (SASPA), administers the safety survey. The 2023 Safety Survey will be open for all state employees through February 17, 2023. 

Because many state employees are now teleworking on a permanent basis, to some degree, the first question of this year’s survey allows employees to choose their current work environment from six options.  This will allow employees to answer survey questions that are only pertinent to their work environment. The six options are listed below. 

  • working from home 100% 
  • working in the field 100%* 
  • working in the office 100% 
  • hybrid home and office 
  • hybrid home and field* 
  • hybrid field and office* 

*Field is any work environment that is not a home or conventional office. (A few examples of field work at Shoreline Community College are science labs, security patrol, facilities/custodial/grounds, auto or machine shop, athletics) 

The intent of the survey is to enhance our culture of worker safety. State agencies use survey results to develop a safety action plan for addressing the issues identified. Survey information will help Shoreline Community College Safety Managers, Safety Officers and Safety Committee members evaluate our safety program, identify gaps and plan safety initiatives to enhance employee workplace safety. 

The survey is anonymous. Results will be collected by the DES State Office of Risk Management, then tallied and sent in summary form to each state agency. To complete the survey, please click this link or us the QR code below. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2023SASPASafetySurvey 

Please contact Director of Safety & Security, Gregory Cranson, with any questions. gcranson@shoreline.edu 


Your Department of Safety & Security 

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