Full-Time Faculty Positions, 2023-24

Dear Shoreline Faculty,

I am writing as a follow up to our email from last week regarding full-time faculty hiring for the 2023-24 year.  Our message from last week was about the process and the overall number that we could hire.  The intent of this email is to clarify the areas of hiring and a little more information about our ethnic studies path.

  • The following areas will post for full-time faculty tenure lines, with anticipated start date in Fall 2023:  Nursing 1, Nursing 2, Automotive-General Service Technician, Biotech/Biology, Dental Hygiene 1, Medical Lab Technology (MLT), Music, Economics, Automotive-Toyota, and Supply Chain Management.
  • The following areas will post for an 80% pro-rata faculty position: Nursing 3 and Dental Hygiene 2.
  • The College will be filling an annual contract full-time faculty member in Ethnic Studies. In last week’s message, we had indicated this area would receive a pro-rata position. However, as we considered the body of work needed to develop curriculum, test a variety of pathways, redevelop partnerships, build a program marketing plan, and assure sustainability – the College believes that a providing a 100% annual contract for this area is necessary. We will begin some of this development work as early as this spring 2023 quarter. 

Lastly, we continue to monitor enrollment and our budget such that, if resources become available, we may be able to provide more full-time tenure opportunities for Shoreline.  The FPCs have discussed this in our monthly meetings and we will coordinate with the deans as we monitor student scheduling needs in AY24.

Please contact Dr. Kahn, AVP Lucas Rucks, or me if you have any questions.


Phillip J. King, Ed.D.

Vice President, Student Learning, Equity, and Success


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