Amharic for Beginners!

Amharic for beginners is designed for K-12th-grade youth who are interested in learning the basic phonics of Amharic letters and words. The focus of this course is to learn how to speak, listen, write, and read Amharic. Instructor Selam Habte incorporates culturally responsive teaching and creates an inclusive classroom that highlights the Ethiopian culture in and welcoming environment. The curriculum is taught in an interactive and fun way to encourage youth to engage with their peers.

Parent Orientation will be scheduled on the first day of class, and occasional speakers and information will be provided for interested parents.

Registration opens March 1st!  Shoreline Community College ( or call 206-546-6966 with questions. 

Course runs 4/14-5/19/23

Amharic Language Class Flyer 2023 with course description

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