Employee ORCA Card Survey – Updated Link

Hello! Would you be interested in the possibility of obtaining an Employee ORCA Card? Please take the survey below to let us know!


Please retake the survey (if you already took the first one), as there was an error in the earlier format. This survey will be open until April 1st, 2023. Google Sign-In not required.

*Survey responses may help us bring this great program back to Shoreline CC!


-Unlimited-use ORCA cards for all employees

-Employee cost-sharing option (i.e. employee pre-tax payroll deductions)

-Add value to cards monthly/as needed

-Online card management & direct customer support

-Vanpool & Vanshare subsidy (van to use for vanpool with paid gas, insurance, maintenance, etc.)

-Home Free Guarantee emergency rides (up to 8 rides for free per person via taxi, if regular transit ride home is missed due to emergency or unexpected late work)


Office of Safety & Security

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