Parent-Child Center Update

Good afternoon SCC community,

Recently we hired a director for the Parent-Child Center (PCC).  While she loved working with our great teachers and children, she decided that the position wasn’t a good fit for her at this time.  Not having a director is certainly a problem in any area but can become more problematic quickly for the PCC in that we need to maintain teacher/child ratios and are slim on our staff at the moment.  State licensing also is a factor in maintaining the overall criteria for operating.  We are now in a tough situation, needing temporary help ASAP while relaunching the FT position.

As you may recall, I have made sure that appointments of new positions are only considered under emergency situations and that campus input would be included regardless.  I also stated that “From now on ALL temporary opportunities will also come to the campus for consideration rather than being appointed.” (see this link for detail).  If it weren’t for the timeline and the specific needs of a certified professional, I would have sent this to campus first prior to looking outside the campus.  However, these factors (brief timeline to hire, specific need, slim staffing, etc.) seemed to indicate getting someone in ASAP is necessary to support the children, staff, and families at the center.

I spoke with Ric Doike-Forman, WFSE Chief Shop Steward, to explain the situation and to let him know I would be including two classified staff with me to interview a potential candidate on Monday of next week.  This allows for a collaborative process and feedback from the teachers.  I also Ric to know that the permanent position will be launched next week under our regular hiring process.  Ric shared that it was Ok to share this (Thanks Ric!). In addition, I also have feelers out for several other possibilities should this candidate not work out. 

Just wanted to give you all a heads-up on the process as I am trying to keep to a transparent and collaborative way of working together,  given the constraints of current conditions. 

Have a great weekend. 



Jack S. Kahn Ph.D.


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