Day of Learning- Update

Greeting Shoreline Community,

The Day of Learning (DOL) marks a unique opportunity for the College to connect and learn together. We have numerous reasons to connect and continue building community with the distance we have experienced over the past few years. With the recent letter from our accrediting commission (NWCCU), we also have a very compelling reason to focus our collective learning on strategic planning and the accreditation process. In the spirit of transparency and collaboration, all members of our community are impacted by the actions we will take to address the recommendations the NWCCU put forward to be addressed. As such, working alongside one another to advance the efforts of our College is advantageous for every member of our vibrant community.

Through many meetings and at the recommendation of Melanie Dixon, the Vice President of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Accessibility (DEIA), and with the support of Executive Team, we are updating the theme of Day of Learning to be more inclusive of our strategic plan initiatives as they align with accreditation training and implementation. This shift in theme allows us to refocus portions of the day on much-needed topics around accreditation requirements, accreditation training, and implementation, and strategic enrollment management activities. It is a priority that the campus community is knowledgeable on these topics and can support the work to be done. A college-wide learning event is the perfect setting to address these time-sensitive topics.

This does not mean shifting the focus away from DEIA, but rather centering it at the heart of our planning processes and, thus, making DEIA the highest priority of the institution. Our strategic planning and accreditation improvements will enable us to be more accountable to our DEIA goals. Our community will have the rare opportunity to anchor all college efforts in DEIA to close obligation gaps for our more-than-worthy students and to be responsive to the accreditation recommendations. Addressing inequities at the system level will allow Shoreline to step back into the leadership role of DEIA for our system to enhance the lives of all students.

We will be working with the Day of Learning Committee to revisit the call for proposals to make a slight pivot, while honoring the intent of the submissions.

Please stay tuned for more information.

Thank you for your support and participation as we make this event meaningful for our employees as well as addressing institutional priorities.


President Jack Kahn

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