Accreditation: Spring 2023 Outcomes Assessment follow-up 

Dear Shoreline Faculty, 

This message is a follow-up on the communication from two weeks ago about changes made to the timeline for assessing Shoreline Student Learning Outcomes (SSLOs) and Transfer Program Outcomes (TPOs). The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) has revised one of its recommendations to specify a need to engage in the assessment of these outcomes in order to address the warning Shoreline has received. To do so, the teams working on developing and revising the SSLOs and TPOs have proposed provisional approval of the following learning outcomes for the purpose of assessment.  

Equity and Social Justice SSLO 

Outcome Version #1: Analyze how racial oppression operates in a given contemporary social problem in the United States.  

Outcome Version #2: Identify ways to reduce racial oppression in a given contemporary social problem in the United States. 

Critical Thinking SSLO 

Outcome Version #1: Evaluate evidence from different viewpoints or theories, using systematic methods in a particular field or discipline, to draw a reasonable conclusion.  

Outcome Version #2: Apply systematic methods of inquiry from a particular field or discipline to examine a problem, concept, or argument in depth. 

AA-DTA Program Outcomes  

Note we will assess two of the following (#4 and #5) in Spring 2023: 

1. Describe differences and similarities in how people across the globe experience social, cultural, economic, or political systems.  

2. Examine the interactions between societies and individuals.  

3. Apply methods of a specific discipline to interpret an expression of the human experience.  

4. Identify methods scientists use to explain aspects of the natural world.  

5. Use scientific laboratory practices within a field or discipline to investigate a scientific concept. 

AS-T Program Outcomes 

1. Demonstrate the use of scientific observation and experimentation to explain aspects of the natural world.  

2. Apply fundamental concepts of a scientific discipline to make reasonable predictions about the natural world.  

Following the process described in my previous message, I am provisionally approving these outcomes for the purpose of assessment. For more information on the process and revisions, please see the provisional approval document. Our collective efforts to assess these outcomes and finalize all outcomes will continue during spring quarter.  

To address NWCCU’s warning, we need to have the following completed by August 24: 

Goal #1: Finalize all SSLOs and TPOs, and publish on the website 

Goal #2: Assess two SSLOs and at least two TPOs, with a plan to discuss results during opening week in September 

Your deans will send a follow-up message explaining what you can expect the learning outcomes team will request from you in spring quarter to help meet these goals. 

Please feel free to direct any questions to Romina Plozza ( or Bayta Maring ( 


Phillip J. King, Ed.D. 

Vice President for Student Learning, Equity, and Success 

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