Waves of Gratitude

Waves of Gratitude for Brandon Fryman with eLearning for Community Engagement and Dedication. I reached out to Brandon last Friday for some help. He responded pretty quickly, but I wanted to know more about the issue at hand, so I pinged him on Teams. He answered and listened to my question and then started to type. He just had oral surgery and had the day off. I had no clue. He thought that solving my problem was very important to me and helped. As a nurse, once I found out that he just had surgery, I was like, sorry, this is not that important. What dedication! – Anonymous

Waves of Gratitude for Gary Fantozzi with Automotive Programs for Inclusive Excellence and Respect.

I have worked here for 6+ years and never had a name plaque for my office. It didn’t seem like a big deal until one day I had one. I felt respected and part of the team. Just a little thing that made a big impact. Thank you Gary for the thoughtfulness. It shows great leadership qualities. – Anonymous

Waves of Gratitude for Ellen Pincus of Administrative Services for Respect, Patience and Shared Knowledge. Ellen has assisted me in processes, correcting my mistakes, learning new duties as assigned, and generally is my rock at work. I appreciate her willingness to share her knowledge! I always believed shared knowledge is powerful and it proves true with Ellen. Thank you, Ellen, for making me better in my work. Submitted by Wanda Waldrop of Advanced Manufacturing

As a reminder, for those wishing to acknowledge the work of fellow shoreline staff members or a group at Shoreline, you need only submit a Waves of Gratitude form for individuals or a Shoreline Shout-out for groups.  Thank you from the Employee Recognition Committee – Rob, Wanda, and Megan.

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