System Outage Update March 30, 2023 

Good afternoon, 

Today’s e-mail brings a few helpful and time sensitive updates from TSS, as well as the latest version of the FAQs. Please read the following carefully. 

Temporary Suspension of OneDrive app 

To avoid any disruption to individuals, TSS will temporarily be disabling the OneDrive app on all Windows machines starting Friday March 31, 2023 at 12:00pm. However, you may still access your OneDrive by visiting either or 

Policy 4123- Employee E-mail Forwarding 

Effective Monday, April 3, 2023 at 8:00am, TSS will be turning off all automatic forwarding rules that forward emails to external, accounts.  

As a reminder, Shoreline Community College Policy 4123 requires employees to use their Shoreline email accounts, or other College-authorized means of digital communications, to conduct all electronic communication connected with official College business, including but not limited to communications with students, employees, state and local agencies, advisory boards, community organizations, contractors, or others affiliated with official College business. Reminder- Do Not Use Links 

While some links to the website may appear to be working, please do not use them until further notice. 

Updated FAQS 

Our FAQs have been updated on the site and can also be found as an attachment to this e-mail. You will find a lot of helpful answers about the upcoming spring quarter in there. 

Enjoy your evening! 

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