System Outage Update 4/4/23

Subject: System Outage Update 4/4/23 

Good evening, 

Thank you for all the thoughtful questions we received at today’s Zoom forum. If you have any questions you’d like to send ahead of time before the next one later this week, please feel free to send them to 


A huge thank you to TSS for their effort and hard work during this time. As they continue to work to try to bring things back online, we ask that you please have patience, and that you make sure you are sending your requests for assistance through your supervisor. This will help streamline the process and communication to ensure that everyone is getting the help they need. 

Parking Updates 

Staff/faculty parking permit requests for PT employees may be sent by department admin, any FT parking permit requests will need to be approved/verified by dean, director, etc. Please e-mail staff/faculty parking permit requests to:  

Staff/faculty may pick up their parking permit at our front lobby during business hours with photo ID once the request has been sent in (pending verification/approval for FT employees). 

Employee Carpool parking permits need to be renewed each quarter. Please stop by our front lobby in person for renewal with photo ID during business hours. 

Front Lobby Hours: 

Monday-Thursday: 9am-4pm 

Friday: 9am-3pm 

Office Closed: 12pm-1pm (Daily) 

Software Tracking List 

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the software tracking list. I am including it below. This should help to act as a quick and easy reference to see what is currently working/not working. Apologies for the wonky formatting of these images. I have also included this as an attachment that will be going out in an All-Staff e-mail tonight as well if you’d like to see it all in one file.

Have a great night! 

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