Construction Update for 3000 Building and 2900 Parking Lot

Hello Campus Community,

We have a minor improvement project starting this week.  This is an accessibility project for the 3000 building and 2900 parking lot.  For this project, the contractor will be installing a ramp on the north side of the 3000 building to allow for accessibility access to the 1st floor of the 3000 building.  The contractor will also be adjusting the slope for 2 accessibility parking stalls on the south side of the 2900 building parking lot.  This project has been divided into two phases.  The first phase will be the ramp which will generate noise on campus while they break up concrete.  The NE stairwell for 3000 will have intermittent accessibility as they break up the concrete and replace.  There will be access on the NW side of 3000 and access to the motorcycle parking on the north side of 3000.  The second phase will include repaving the 2 accessibility stalls on south side of 2900.  The purpose is to adjust the slope of the parking stalls and to provide a correctly sloped path from the parking stalls to the new ramp.  There will be intermittent impacts to the 2900 parking lot.  More communication will be sent once I receive the schedule and impacts to the 3000 and 2900.  

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  

Thank you,

Kim Clark  

This is a diagram of the project location and area of impact described in the e-mail.

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