Interested in Hosting a German Exchange Student?

Hosting a German Exchange Student 2023-2024

Shoreline Community College has welcomed two German exchange students from Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals (CBYX) so far. The International Education Department is seeking for local families who are interested in hosting a government-sponsored college-age exchange student from Germany for the 2023-24 academic year. CBYX pays host families $225 per month. They understand this stipend is probably too low for living cost in the Great Seattle area, so CBYX can make an exception and pay up to $350 per month if the host family asks for it.

If you or you know someone who are interested, please let us know by emailing Yushin Wung at We will send the Host Questionnaire first and conduct a home visit later.

CBYX students will all arrive in DC first for their program orientation and then fly to their final destinations around early or mid-August. They will take classes at Shoreline for one quarter and then work on their internship (matched by CBYX) for two quarters. CBYX also requires all students to complete a certain amount of community services. When they finish their program, students will gather in DC again in the end of June or early July and return to Germany.

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