Construction Update: Brick Sealer application ongoing this week

Hello Campus community,

Our HSAMCC project will have some exterior work done this week and next.  The contractor, Forma, will be applying a brick sealer starting on the south side working east to west.  See image below. 

The sealant being used is Sure Klean Blok-Guard, a water-based masonry water repellent applied via sprayer at close range.  The contractor doesn’t anticipate any issues around the jobsite area given application method, the existing jobsite fencing w/ netting, and relative distance to any occupied buildings.  However, there might be a slight odor in the air around the building. 

Please reach out to Kim Clark ( with any questions or concerns.  

Thank you

This show a blueprint of campus narrowing in on the new HSAMCC Building and shows where the sealer will be applied.

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