President’s Video Update & System Outage Access Update 5/23/23

Good afternoon,  

Just when you thought you had received your last e-mail from me…surprise! 😊 I have a few more things to share with you today. 

Included in this e-mail you will find the link to the latest President’s video update, updates on the file restoration process, and new information on how to add yourself to the RAVE emergency alert system if you are not currently subscribed.  If you did not receive a text or call from the emergency alert system this morning reporting updates regarding this morning’s fire in Building 2600, then you are not subscribed. 

President’s Update 

The link for President Kahn’s monthly video update can be found via YouTube 

File Restoration Update 

TSS is diligently working through the file restoration requests they have received.  To view the status of your file restoration request, please visit this link. 

As a reminder to be added to the queue for local file restoration, please submit a ticket via this form. 

RAVE Emergency Alert System: 

Due to the ransomware incident the internal process to add individuals to RAVE is currently not active.  If you would like to be added to the RAVE emergency alert system at this time, please visit the following link.  Please note that when you click on the link you may need to type Shoreline Community College into the search bar to be added directly into the Shoreline RAVE system. 

Have a great night! 

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