Preparation begins for April 11 launch of new website design

This afternoon, the college’s vendor for website content management completed implementation of a new design for

A message was sent to website editors alerting them that they now have access to the new design. This means that editors, and the Public Information Office (PIO), have from today until April 11 to clean up formatting and work out any remaining “kinks” in the design.

On Monday, the Public Information Office is hiring the first of two hourly workers who will assist with cleaning up broken formatting. The intent is to prioritize critical pages while also supporting current web editors who may not have time to fix all of the pages under their purview.

After April 11, it’s possible you may encounter pages whose formatting is irregular. If anyone points this out to you, please indicate that we are aware of this and people are working to correct it as quickly as possible.

The new design can be viewed at, but the homepage is not fully functional yet; it remains a work in progress. The intranet is not impacted by this change, yet…

-Submitted by Sean Duke, Public Information Office

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