New Website Design Launching This Week


There will be a link in the footer to provide feedback about the website.

As early at Tuesday, we could see a new design implemented for To see a preview, and a little background on how the project got to where it is today, visit the new (and still developing) Website Reference Guide.

Originally set to launch on April 11, remaining glitches have been worked out with both the designers and web content management system vendor.

The class schedule and employee directory will also look and function in great new ways. A link to the class schedule will still be at the top of every page, as it is now. It will also remain as an icon on the current students page.






Preparation begins for April 11 launch of new website design

This afternoon, the college’s vendor for website content management completed implementation of a new design for

A message was sent to website editors alerting them that they now have access to the new design. This means that editors, and the Public Information Office (PIO), have from today until April 11 to clean up formatting and work out any remaining “kinks” in the design.

On Monday, the Public Information Office is hiring the first of two hourly workers who will assist with cleaning up broken formatting. The intent is to prioritize critical pages while also supporting current web editors who may not have time to fix all of the pages under their purview.

After April 11, it’s possible you may encounter pages whose formatting is irregular. If anyone points this out to you, please indicate that we are aware of this and people are working to correct it as quickly as possible.

The new design can be viewed at, but the homepage is not fully functional yet; it remains a work in progress. The intranet is not impacted by this change, yet…

-Submitted by Sean Duke, Public Information Office

Find Quarter Start Dates Easily

In an effort to make it easier to find quarter start dates on the college website, we’ve changed the way they appear in two locations:

    (If you want to see only quarter start dates, just click those words, highlighted in yellow, on the left side of the page)
    (Reach this page from any college webpage by clicking “Enrollment Services” in the top navigation menu.)

Do you like what we’ve done? Please let us know by leaving a comment on this post.


Change alert: searching ‘the website’ works differently now

Just as instructors strive for a student-centered classroom, the folks behind the college website strive for student-centered design and functionality. To that end, the site search has changed.

Now if you use the search box on, it will only search Results will not include the intranet. To search the intranet, you’ll need to go there ( and use that search box.

Why is this change good?

Here’s one example: Jane Student puts “parking” in the search box and now, instead of committee meeting minutes from 2003, the first search result is an up-to-date webpage with all she needs to know about parking on campus.

And if that example is not a good enough rationale, then here are some bullet points about why the change was made:

  • it increases efficiency of the search
  • it increases ease of use of the website (for students and the community, the major users and intended audience of
  • it reduces confusion by removing irrelevant and/or out of date content
  • increased efficiency and ease of use can promote retention by making it easier for students to find what they need
  • increased efficiency and ease of use can promote new enrollment by making it easier for prospective students/families to see what we offer and how to enroll*
  • in a website satisfaction survey students expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of search results

Still in love with the A-Z list?

Search has significantly improved in the last couple years. You may find typing a single word gets you what you want fast. For example: “safety” will get you Safety & Security; same with “parking” or “id”. This might be easier than scanning a list of random, alphabetized things.

If you have any concerns (or kudos) please share those via

Thank you!

*Parents and seniors both rated college websites as the most influential recruitment resource by a significant margin. Source: Noel-Levits 2014 E-Expectations report

We flipped the switch!

Flipping the switch.A version of the college website for phones is now live.

Just today we flipped a switch that checks if people are visiting our website on a phone. If so, they get prompted to select between continuing on to the regular site or the “mobile” site. A user’s preference will be saved for 30 days, but the option to go to the “full version” is always there.

Earlier today we notified users of our web content management system about this and let them know what it means for their work.

One thing it means, is that now we will be turning our attention to implementing the new version of our web content management system.