Get Ready, Take Action online training

Get Ready – Take Action, Shoreline Community College’s All-Hazards Emergency Response Training is available online.

Robin Blacksmith worked with the college eLearning Department to create an online class using the Canvas learning management system, the same technology used by college faculty. Putting the training online makes the class available for all employees to take when it is convenient for them.

Those unfamiliar with Canvas and how to find a class in the system can go to for instructions on how to login.

This training has been broken up into learning modules, to be completed one at a time, in order. Completing all the training should take a total of approximately 90 minutes. The training can be started and stopped to be completed later. After completing a module, you may log off and return at a later time to continue on to the next module and your work will be saved.

After the required modules are finished, an optional survey is available to provide feedback and help improve the learning experience.

“A number of people who have already taken the class have asked if they can take it again as a refresher,” Blacksmith said. The answer is ‘yes,’ (with supervisory approval) and the online version helps to address those that would like a refresher.

Shoreline Community College’s goal is to have all employees complete the required training.

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