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  • Reminder: Free parking at start of quarter, March 26-April 4

    Per the President, designated free parking days occur on campus at the start of each quarter, spanning the first day of international orientation through the first few days of the quarter.

    For spring quarter 2018, the free parking days will be: March 26 – April 4.

    Safety & Security will post signage on the parking machines on these days.

    Parking alert! Extra activity on campus for VMMC March 27-29

    The 69th Annual Vehicle Maintenance and Management Conference (VMMC) is being hosted in the Automotive Center Tues., March 27 – Thurs., March 29. Vendor set up will take place on Mon., March 26. Throughout the conference, please note that the parking areas on the north side of campus around the Automotive Center will be full.

    Parking alert! Extra activity on campus Fri., March 23

    Hazel Wolf K-12 is holding their annual auction in the #9000 Building and Main Dining room on Fri., March 23. The event starts at 5 p.m, but their set up will be in full swing by 2 p.m. Expect the parking lot south of the PUB and the #9000 building to be filled with a flurry of activity!

    Workplace safety survey – please complete by Friday, February 23

    Please take a few minutes to complete a brief safety survey by the end of the day this Friday, February 23, with questions about workplace safety.

    To complete the survey, please visit The survey is anonymous, easy-to-use, and short. Results will be collected by the Department of Enterprise Services and returned in summary form to the College.

    This effort is aimed at helping to enhance our culture of worker safety. Survey information will assist College staff to identify gaps and and plan safety initiatives to enhance employee workplace safety.

    Thank you for your participation.

    Free parking on campus Jan. 2 – 8

    To facilitate the needs of students and their families in preparation for the start of winter quarter, parking on campus will be free Jan. 2 – 8. No fees are required to park Jan. 2 – 8, and no citations will be issued for not paying parking fees. We ask that visitors to campus do still park in the appropriate parking areas during this period of free parking. If you know any students who still need to register for classes, let them know to take advantage of the free parking and come on down to campus to get registered!

    Safety & Security will post signage on the parking machines on Free Parking Days.

    Thank you.