Reminder: Evacuation Drill of 5000 Building, Wed., May 25

From Robin Blacksmith, Director of Safety & Security.

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” – Aristotle

Shoreline Community College will have a scheduled Evacuation Exercise of the 5000 Building on Wed., May 25, 2016. The intent of the exercise is to practice the quick evacuation of all three levels to ensure that, in the event of a true emergency, our campus members feel confident in how to respond. While this may be a brief disruption in our day, the value of practicing what to do and where to go is immeasurable.

Several Building Evacuation Monitors (trained volunteer employees) will take part in the exercise and will assist security officers with the evacuation. Please follow their direction and lead. When the alarm sounds on May 25, safely and quickly exit the 5000 Building and proceed to the nearest evacuation site. Signage outside the 5000 Building will indicate we are conducting a training exercise.

Please share this information with occupants of the building. While this is a practice exercise, we anticipate everyone’s commitment to evacuate. As the Security Department is on the first level of the building, please be advised that Security office staff will also be required to exit the building.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation. We plan to exercise additional buildings each quarter. For additional information or questions, please contact Director Robin Blacksmith at 206-546-4503 or

Learning what to do in the event of an emergency saves lives. Many employees and some students have completed the Get Ready Take Action – All-Hazards Emergency Preparedness Training, either in person or online. Many have viewed the posted training videos for a violent event in progress, or completed additional courses such as Incident Command 100 and 200 for Higher Education. Some have created small emergency kits for their car or workspace. As a community, we continue to strive towards being prepared to face an emergency event.

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