From President Roberts: an update on relocation plans for CEO, Counseling, and Workforce Education

Dear Colleagues,

After receiving new information about our planned summer construction projects, we have found it necessary to “adjust our sails” in relocating our Counseling department with Workforce Education. As you may recall, I sent a communication to the college community in March about an intended relocation of the Counseling team to the Workforce Education area on the first floor of the 5000 building. This would allow the two groups to more easily pool their talents to the benefit of our students. The staff of each area provided input on the configuration of the new space based on the needs of our students.

Upon receipt of the estimate for the new configuration, the cost for the project was far higher than anticipated primarily due to the fire sprinkler system required in the new offices. In addition, the contractors were unable to meet the required timeline of project completion by the beginning of fall quarter.

With great thinking from the Directors in the CEO, Counseling, and Workforce Departments, we “adjusted our sails.” We decided that services for our CEO students would be best served in the Workforce Education area. This synergy between the two services is a great win for our students. Mariko Kakiuchi, Director of Youth Reengagement, shared “the team in Workforce and Continuing Education has always been supportive of CEO students who need additional resources. Closer proximity will be a major plus when referring CEO students to their programs. We’ve often talked about the desire for a convenient space for CEO students to study and work together.”

Savena Garrett, Acting Director of Workforce Education, added “this will provide a smoother transition for many CEO students into Workforce Education Grant Funding Programs. Both CEO and Workforce Education teams are committed to supporting students through the many barriers they encounter. This provides an opportunity for our two departments to collaborate on additional resources students may need to achieve success.” The timeline for first day of fall quarter can be met with this move and the construction needed is in line with our original estimate.

Counseling will move into the current CEO space to develop a Counseling Center. The synergy between Counseling and Workforce Education will continue as they create a tighter link for our students. Yvonne Terrell- Powell, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Equity and Engagement, Counseling and High School Programs, said “I am excited to be a part of our community that genuinely cares about students and students’ success. The new home for the Counseling Center will be great for students, and it will allow us to create more opportunities for students to actively engage with each other and access our programs and services that promote health and wellness, personal and career counseling, and overall success.” This move can also be completed by fall quarter.

The relocation of the staff and getting everything up and working is the first phase of this project. During fall quarter, the staff will settle into their new spaces. We will meet with each department in mid-fall term to discuss any adjustments needed to better serve our students.

I want to acknowledge the CEO, Counseling, and Workforce Education staff for their resilience, patience, and collegial spirit by making our students their number one priority.

With best regards,

Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.
Shoreline Community College

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