Message from Facilities Director Jason Francois: East Road Work on Wed, Aug 14 & Thurs, Aug 15

Dear Colleague,

Seattle City Light has confirmed that the permanent power connection made to our residence hall last week is performing as expected.

The next step is to backfill the excavation made in the road near the East Gate and patch (pave) the road. The current plan is to backfill on Wednesday, August 14 and to pave on Thursday, August 15.

While the work is progressing, the east road will be closed between the East Gate and the loading dock in the 9000 building (the “PUB”). Deliveries and traffic can still access the area by looping around campus, past the dog park, and the 2100 building. Hours of work are expected to be from 7:00 am to noon each day (August 14 and 15).

During the asphalt patching/paving on Thursday, August 15, we will have a situation similar to the patching done on the east road in June. We are not expecting significant odor or volume. However, if you pass close by the area, you will likely experience fumes. This is the type of work done on roadways all over the region, only much smaller in scope.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your support!

Jason Francois
Director-Facilities and Capital Projects
(206) 546-4514

Important: Campus power outage Mon. Aug. 5 to Tues. Aug. 6

Shoreline’s campus will be closed and without electrical power from 5 p.m. on Monday, August 5 until 7 a.m. on Tuesday, August 6, due to Seattle City Light’s work on the student residence hall.

  • Campus Access – Monday evening classes after 5 p.m. are canceled and there will be no access to any campus services or buildings (including the library) after 5 p.m.
  • Technology – The campus computer network, phones, website, and Canvas should remain available, however, as a precaution, employees are asked to save all computer files and turn off their computers by 5 p.m. on Monday
  • Refrigeration – Employees are asked to remove any perishable food or medications from campus refrigerators by 5 p.m. on Monday
  • Work Schedules – Classified staff scheduled to work during any part of this suspended operations closure will not be required to make up the time, per compliance with the collective bargaining agreement
  • Campus Grounds – Safety & Security will have additional personnel patrolling the grounds and monitoring buildings after dark, as well as directing traffic away from campus after 5 p.m.

Thank you for your patience as this important utility work is completed. The College website will be updated on Tuesday morning when power is restored. If you have any questions related to the closure, please contact Jason Francois, Director of Facilities,

East Campus Road Repaving June 4-7

The asphalt on the East Road behind FOSS (Building 5000) and the Gym (Building 3000) will be repaved over the course of three days, between June 4-7. During this time, there will be some fumes localized near the site, similar to any asphalt road pavement work.

If you or your students have any sensitivities to this odor, here are steps you can take:

  • Employees: Any employees needing an alternate workspace during the repaving work should contact Human Resources to request accommodations (, 206-546-5880).
  • Students: Students received this same email notification today, with instructions for them to contact their individual instructors for assistance with accommodations. Any faculty members who have questions about accommodating student needs may contact Student Accessibility Services (, 206-546-4545).

Please note some ADA parking spaces in this area will be relocated between June 4-12 to temporary locations in the visitor’s lot, PUB loading dock area, adjacent to the PUB dumpster area, and west of Building 4000. Please contact Safety & Security for any parking questions (206-546-4633).

We understand this work may present an inconvenience to the campus community. The crews are working as quickly as possible to reopen the roadway and all nearby lots by June 12. Thank you for your patience while we work to improve this important roadway for all.

Admin Building 1000 Temporary Office Location Update


To follow up on the previous message about Building 1000 maintenance work, here is an update on the second phase of work, including temporary office locations.

North Side of the Building

The following offices returned to their permanent locations on Friday, May 24:

  • Office of the President, Room 1018
  • Budget Office, Room 1021
  • Employee Engagement Office, Room 1015
  • Human Resources Office, Room 1013 and 1013A
  • Payroll & Benefits Office, Room 1012A and 1014 (note: new permanent location)

South Side Temporary Locations

The following employees will relocate to temporary offices May 28-June 21:

  • Office of Student Learning and Institutional Assessment & Data Management
    • Bayta Maring, Room 1016
    • Jenifer Aydelotte and Courtnay Llacuna, Room 1011M
    • Lisa Malik and Celine Pastore, Room 2504
  • Office of Advancement/Foundation
    • Mary Brueggeman and Alysen Laakso, Room 1019
    • Anne Falk and Karla Belmonte, Room 1020M
  • Communications & Marketing Department
    • All C&M employees, Rooms 1506, 2202, and remotely

College employees are encouraged to use email as the primary method of communication for College business while affected offices are in temporary locations.

Mary Sheaffer will continue to staff the campus switchboard from her location at the front of the Administration building. Visitors will continue to have access to staff and specific signage will be posted directing them to the temporary office locations.

Please note that all meetings scheduled in the Boardroom, Central Conference and Small Conference rooms have been moved to alternate locations for the remainder of May and June 2019.

Thank you for your continued patience during these HVAC updates. Please reach out to individual departments via email with any additional questions.

Message from Facilities & Capital Projects Director Jason Francois: Update-East Road Infrastructure Work

Dear Colleague,

Forma Construction has continued to stay ahead of schedule and the infrastructure work on the east road is projected to be completed on June 12.

We do have some work to wrap-up in the meantime that will have a significant impact.

Here is the current schedule, along with a brief description of what each portion means to the community.

1) Next week, May 28th through 31st, Forma will reform damaged or removed sidewalks, gravel paths, curbs, and other similar components of the roadway and pedestrian access. This will not affect the current parking or closure area.

2) May 31st through June 3rd, the trench will receive the final backfill, up to the depth appropriate for repaving. This will mean saw cutting clean edges on the existing trench edge. There will be various levels of noise on these days.

3) June 4th will bring another change in parking. In order to ensure safe application of asphalt across entrance points, we need to reclose the 2900 lot in full AND keep the trenched area around the 5000 staff lot closed. The 5000 staff lot will remain open as it is at this moment. The pile containing excavated materials from project in the north lot and staged equipment will be removed, so those currently closed spots will be OPENED.

4) Patching, tack sealer, and striping will occur June 4th through 12th. Paving itself is expected to occur June 4th through 7th (3 days). *During this time, there will be fumes associated with asphalt paving.*

*Please contact Human Resources for alternate work sites and/or accommodations.

5) On June 12th, work will move toward landscaping restoration and project closeout and the work in the road and lots will be complete. All roadways and lots will be re-opened.

Facilities will work with Safety and Security to provide the best possible accessible pathways while the lots are unavailable.

Thank you for your patience and support as we begin the final phase of this project.

Jason Francois
Director-Facilities and Capital Projects
(206) 546-4514