Planned Building Shutdowns June 26 & July 6, 10, 17

The HSAMCC project will have planned shutdowns of select buildings that provide services to the existing 2500 building. Please be aware of these changes; dates and locations may be subject to change.

Saturday, June 26 – Telecom Demo of Bldg. 2500:

  • Description: Disconnect the fiber cable that feeds 2500. Data, telecom, security, and HVAC controls will be offline after June 26 in 2500.
  • Areas Affected: 2500, 2600, data room/racks in 5000.
  • Duration: 7 am-3:30 pm on June 26.

Tuesday, July 6 – Fire Alarm Shutdown of Bldg. 2500:

  • Description: Disconnect the fire alarm that serves 2500. Requires access to 2500, 2600 & the FACP in 9000. We do not anticipate any testing of the notification devices (no horns/strobes). Building 2500 cannot be occupied by the College/public after July 6 as it will be under construction.
  • Areas Affected: 2500, 2600, FACP in 9000.
  • Duration: 7 am-3:30 pm on July 6.

Saturday, July 10 – Power Feeder Shutdown for Bldg. 2300:

  • Description: Shutdown Feeders C and D in 9000. This will shut down power in buildings 5000, 2900, 2500, 2100, 2200, 3000, 2400, 2300, 1800, 2700, and 2600.
  • Areas Affected: Power shutdown in buildings 5000, 2900, 2500, 2100, 2200, 3000, 2400, 2300, 1800, 2700, and 2600
  • Duration: 6 am-6 pm on July 10.

Saturday, July 17 – Power Feeder Shutdown for Bldg. 2100:

  • Description: Shutdown Feeders C and D in 9000. This will shut down power in buildings 5000, 2900, 2500, 2100, 2200, 3000, 2400, 2300, 1800, 2700, and 2600.
  • Areas Affected: Power shutdown in buildings 5000, 2900, 2500, 2100, 2200, 3000, 2400, 2300, 1800, 2700, and 2600.
  • Duration: 6 am-6 pm on July 17.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact Pete Babbington, Acting Director of Facilities (

New Building Construction Begins in July!

Dear Colleague,

We are pleased to share that the new Health Sciences & Advanced Manufacturing Classroom Complex (HSAMCC) will break ground in just a few weeks! This project is a culmination of years of planning and extensive stakeholder involvement and will be a significant enhancement to our campus. As we enter the construction period for the next two years, here is some preliminary information for you to know. 

What Is the HSAMCC? 

A new three-story, 50,700 square-foot HSAMCC building will replace five existing buildings (2400, 2500, 2600, 2700, 2800) and will be located on the footprint of the current 2500 Building. Opening in summer 2023, it will provide space for Chemistry, Biology, Medical Lab Technology, Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing, and Biomanufacturing. It will include an open space that preserves existing significant trees and landscape features and provides outdoor student gathering areas. This building will serve a large student population with state-of-the-industry, multipurpose instructional space (including collaboration and study spaces, laboratories, and faculty offices) and create a new core area of campus that will unite the South end of campus with the North. 

Architectural rendering of the exterior of the finished HSAMCC building with students walking near it.

When Will Construction Take Place? 

  • July 2021 – Construction fencing and mobilization begins at North end of campus 
  • July & August 2021 – Demolition Phase One (Buildings 2500, part of 2400, greenhouse, pond) 
  • Summer 2021 – Groundbreaking event 
  • August 2021 – March 2023 – Active construction 
  • Summer 2022 – Demolition of a portion of Greenwood Parking Lot for an infiltration pond 
  • Spring 2023 – Building move in 
  • Spring & Summer 2023 – Demolition Phase Two (Buildings 2600, 2700, 2800, rest of 2400) 
  • Summer/Fall 2023 – Project completion 
Schematic of the North end of campus showing that Building 2500 will be demolished and a large portion of the surrounding parking lot will be fenced off.

Yellow highlights represent the areas that will be fenced off and not accessible

 Will Campus Access or Parking Be Affected by the Construction? 

  • A sizable portion of the parking lot North of Building 2500 will be fenced off for the duration of the project and will not be available for general use, however, parking options throughout the rest of the campus will remain unaffected. 
  • The track will be used as parking for Automotive instructional vehicles and will not be accessible.
  • Walking routes through campus will remain open and access to the Shoreview Off-Leash Dog Park next to campus will continue to be available.
  • Construction vehicles will access the campus via Aurora Avenue and N. 160th Street and be routed to enter campus at the West gate, traveling to the construction site at the North end of campus, and exiting on the East side of campus at Greenwood Avenue.  
  • Construction work hours will be 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Cameras will be installed for security. 
Google map image of the campus, with a line indicating the path the construction vehicles will take when entering and exiting campus.

Construction vehicle route through campus

This is an exciting time of growth on our campus, and we appreciate your patience and flexibility as we enter this period of construction. We will continue to share regular updates with the campus community and our local neighbors as construction progresses.

With best regards, 

Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D. 


Shoreline’s Capital Projects Receive State Funding

We appreciate the significant investments made by the Legislature in our community and technical college system and the thousands of jobs those investments will create in local communities.

Here at Shoreline Community College, we are especially grateful for the funding of construction for our long awaited Health, Science & Advanced Manufacturing Classroom Complex (HSAMCC) – the first new academic building in over 25 years. This project will ultimately remove five, one-story buildings that are over 60 years old and replace them with a state-of-the industry facility that will support the next generation of STEM and Biotechnology students into an eager workplace. (Our Dental Hygiene program will move completely to the UW School of Dentistry at the end of June, where our program will continue to provide a Shoreline degree alongside dental students and faculty who are excited and supportive of this new collaboration.)

We also received design funding for our Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics (STEAM) building that will house our Nursing, Mathematics, Music, Music Technology programs, and other general education classes. We are overjoyed and deeply humbled by the Legislature’s investment in our projects.

We are grateful for the Legislature’s commitment to the present and future generations of our students who will be educated in spaces that are ecologically and educationally appropriate for 21st century learning!

Board of Trustees Approves Resolution to Pause Construction Project

Dear Colleague,

At the special meeting of the Board of Trustees on Friday, January 31, the Board approved Resolution 155 to pause construction on the Allied Health, Science & Advanced Manufacturing Classroom Complex (HSAMCC) in order to allow the College to complete additional planning for the programs currently housed in the buildings that would be replaced.

Pausing the construction will also pause the need for the state legislature to approve local financing for a certificate of participation (COP), which the governor did not include in the capital budget.

The College is working proactively with the State Board of Community & Technical Colleges (SBCTC) and legislative leadership to move the resolution forward and coordinate the capital request in the next biennial budget. It is our expectation that once we are ready to proceed with the construction project, the HSAMCC building will be placed at the top of the 2021-23 capital project list.

In the meantime, the College will continue to take necessary steps and actions to continue preparing for the new building (such as building design and raising funds for a capital campaign).

Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.

Message from Facilities Director Jason Francois: No power to buildings 2000, 2100, 2200 & 2300 on Sat, Nov 2, 2019 (7:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.)

Dear Colleague,

As part of the early permit and site work, the construction team for the Health, Science and Advanced Manufacturing Classroom Complex will be conducting load monitoring for various portions of our electrical system.

One of the key points for this monitoring is the transformer and panel in the rhododendron grove between the 2100 and 2300 buildings. On Saturday, November 2, 2019 the team will install the monitoring devices. This will result in a power loss to buildings 2000, 2100, 2200, and 2300 for the duration of the installation which is expected to be from 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

The rest of campus will not be affected.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,
Jason Francois, MBA
Director of Facilities and Capital Projects