Message from Facilities & Capital Projects Director Jason Francois: Update-East Road Infrastructure Work

Dear Colleague,

Forma Construction has continued to stay ahead of schedule and the infrastructure work on the east road is projected to be completed on June 12.

We do have some work to wrap-up in the meantime that will have a significant impact.

Here is the current schedule, along with a brief description of what each portion means to the community.

1) Next week, May 28th through 31st, Forma will reform damaged or removed sidewalks, gravel paths, curbs, and other similar components of the roadway and pedestrian access. This will not affect the current parking or closure area.

2) May 31st through June 3rd, the trench will receive the final backfill, up to the depth appropriate for repaving. This will mean saw cutting clean edges on the existing trench edge. There will be various levels of noise on these days.

3) June 4th will bring another change in parking. In order to ensure safe application of asphalt across entrance points, we need to reclose the 2900 lot in full AND keep the trenched area around the 5000 staff lot closed. The 5000 staff lot will remain open as it is at this moment. The pile containing excavated materials from project in the north lot and staged equipment will be removed, so those currently closed spots will be OPENED.

4) Patching, tack sealer, and striping will occur June 4th through 12th. Paving itself is expected to occur June 4th through 7th (3 days). *During this time, there will be fumes associated with asphalt paving.*

*Please contact Human Resources for alternate work sites and/or accommodations.

5) On June 12th, work will move toward landscaping restoration and project closeout and the work in the road and lots will be complete. All roadways and lots will be re-opened.

Facilities will work with Safety and Security to provide the best possible accessible pathways while the lots are unavailable.

Thank you for your patience and support as we begin the final phase of this project.

Jason Francois
Director-Facilities and Capital Projects
(206) 546-4514

Campus Housing Now Accepting Applications

Please remind students that 7000 Campus Living is accepting applications for move in this fall!

All units are fully furnished, brand new, and include utilities and high-speed internet in the rates. Current rates are $850 – $1150/month. Plenty of spaces are available in shared 2 bedroom/2 bathroom units and private rooms in 4 bedroom/2 bathroom units (all shared studios and 2 bedroom/1 bathroom units have been filled).

  • Applicants can complete a roommate survey to be matched up with roommates or they can apply with friends and live together in a unit.
  • Applicants must be at least 17 years old at time of move in and be enrolled in a minimum of 10 credits at Shoreline for fall quarter 2019.
  • Contact the Leasing Team for more information by visiting

Message from Facilities Director Jason Francois: Update-Infrastructure Work on Road(s)

Dear Colleague,

I have some good news to report in regard to the east road closure. Forma Construction is a week ahead of schedule due to the fantastic weather we’ve experienced.

What this means to the community is that we will reopen the paved parking in the 2900 staff lot, along with the spaces under the overhang of 3000, on Thursday, May 16th.

Between six and eight of the gravel parking spaces on the east side of the road will reopen as well.

The gravel parking spaces that face the 2900 building, however, will need to remain closed. The trench passes directly behind these, and will still be deep enough to be an issue for vehicle safety.  (The trench will be filled or covered fully at the lot entrance and exit.)

The road between 5000 and the north end of 3000 will remain closed, so parking in 2900 will need to be accessed by driving around the west side of campus, past the dog park and Automotive.

Work in the trench will progress south towards the 5000 building. The zig-zag method used to avoid utilities is not needed in this area, so one lane and the parking lot will remain open as planned. Flaggers provided by Forma will be in place during work hours, expected to be 6:30 am to 3 pm.

Final end date for the project is still June 28th. See the Road Closures Diagram for more info.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Jason Francois
Director-Facilities and Capital Projects
(206) 546-4514

Message from President Roberts: Right of Way, Storm Water & Long-Term Intersection Improvements Impact on Traffic

Dear Colleague,

I wanted to update you on some of the roadway changes happening on and around campus. As these improvements continue in the coming months, additional traffic diversion, flaggers, and other safety measures will be in place. We understand that this may pose an inconvenience for some, but please know that safety is our top priority for all involved.

Right-of-Way Improvements:
The City of Shoreline and the College are working together to improve access to the College for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles. This work has begun along NW Innis Arden Way. See the construction map at the bottom of this post for details.

What Will Change?
New sidewalks will be constructed along NW Innis Arden Way, Greenwood Avenue N, and N 160th Street

Bicycle markings will be installed on N 160th Street between Greenwood Avenue N and Dayton Avenue N.

What’s the Timeline?
Completion by late fall 2019

Storm Water Improvements:
Currently, repair work is also occurring on the storm line of NW Innis Arden Way directly West of Greenwood Ave and 160th Street, which unfortunately impacts local traffic.

What Will Change?
The roadway is reduced to one lane of alternative traffic between 6:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. each weekday to repair a storm line

What’s the Timeline?
Now through late June (approximately 6 weeks)

Can I Avoid this Construction Traffic?
During this work, you may want to use one of two alternate routes from campus:

West Gate Exit: Take a right on NW Innis Arden Way, then take another right turn onto 10th Ave NW, and another right turn onto 175th.

East Gate Exit: Left turn on Greenwood Avenue, then another right turn on Carlyle Hall Road NW, and another right turn to Dayton Avenue.

Long-Term Intersection Improvements:
Looking ahead, the College and City are developing a plan for the intersection of Greenwood Avenue N with N 160th Street/ NW Innis Arden Way, as the existing intersection was not built for the large number of people that use it on a regular basis.

What Will Change?
This intersection will be rebuilt to improve traffic flow

What’s the Timeline?
By the fall 2025 (six years from the opening of the new student housing)

How Can I Learn More?
• You are invited to attend a public meeting to learn more about these improvements on Wednesday, May 8, 2019 (6 – 8 p.m.) in the Main Dining Room (Room 9215), building 9000.

Thank you for your patience as we make these positive improvements for our campus community and our neighbors!

Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.
Office of the President


Sound Transit construction alert for campus commuters

Starting as early as Thursday, Sound Transit will begin to clear trees and vegetation near Interstate 5 in order to establish construction work areas where the light rail route will travel.

Work will begin near the intersection of NE 145th Street and I-5, near Jackson Park Golf Course.

The Lynnwood Link route emphasized reducing the private property acquisition and costs required for the project by prioritizing use of existing transportation right of way along I-5 where possible.

A centerpiece of the project’s design is replacing the existing trees with nearly four times as many trees when the project is complete.

Traffic impacts

  • There will be a southbound lane closure on 5th Ave NE with flaggers alternating traffic in both northbound and southbound directions.
  • The right shoulder will be closed on the I-5 northbound off-ramp to NE 145th St (see map).

This may happen as soon as Thursday, May 2nd, and the traffic revision will remain for approximately two weeks.

Work hours are 10am to 2pm for the first day and will change to 9am to 3pm when construction progresses south away from the NE 145th St off-ramp. 

The work zone is located between NE 130th St to NE 145th St (see map).
Work will start at NE 145th St and move towards NE 130th St.
Safety: Sound Transit asks that drivers focus on the road and keep traffic moving. Flaggers will be onsite to direct traffic.

sound transit construction