Announcement regarding hiring Administrative EVPSLS

Dear Shoreline colleague:

During the past several months, we have had a number of screening committees actively working on recruitments. In every case, these committees have worked diligently and have done very good work identifying potential candidates. Several new employees have joined us or will be joining us as a result of this recruitment process, and we are really looking forward to the contributions these new members of our college community will make.

I wanted to brief you at this time on several of the administrative positions in Student Learning & Success which have not resulted in permanent hires. In talking with vice presidents at other colleges in the area, I have learned that we are not alone in some of the challenges we are facing with bringing on employees right now, especially due to the publicity (and reality!) around housing prices in the greater Seattle area. In addition, it is likely that some of our pools were affected by the timing of these recruitments, as many in academia are less available during summer.

Three recently advertised positions did not result in permanent hires: Associate Dean of Library Services; Dean of Health Occupations, PE and Business; and Associate Dean of Nursing. We will plan to move forward with a new process in the near future, but for the meantime, I am grateful to the following individuals for agreeing to serve in the interim role for these positions:

  • Associate Dean of Library Services – Sharon Simes, who retired as Dean of the North Seattle College this year, will be serving as interim in this role through June 2018 (starting before or on October 1, to be confirmed soon)
  • Dean of HO/PE and Business – Lisa Malik (Continuing as Acting Dean through June 2018)
  • Associate Dean of Nursing – Lynn VonSchlieder (Beginning today, August 14, through December 2017)

Once again, I wish to express my gratitude to the many on campus who participated in the search process. And thank you to Sharon, Lisa, and Lynn for agreeing to serve in these leadership roles in the interim.


Alison Stevens, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President
Student Learning & Success

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