Join a Strategic Planning Steering Committee

Dear Colleague,

As the College enters the final year of our five-year Strategic Plan, employees are invited to apply to join a Strategic Plan steering committee in 2020-21 to help recommend actions and advance the plan’s final goals. 

The committees accepting new members are:

  • Communication, Marketing & Community Engagement Steering Committee 
  • Inclusive Excellence Steering Committee 
  • Learning Outcomes Assessment Steering Committee
  • Sustainability Steering Committee (formerly known as the Ecological Integrity Steering Committee)

If you’d like to serve on one of these committees, please complete the online application by Monday, November 9, 2020. 

The application process is simple and asks you to share briefly (in 250 words or less) what knowledge, skills, and abilities you will bring to your committee. Employees do not need to check with their supervisor before applying. The Executive Team will coordinate with supervisors as necessary during the selection process. 

Thank you for considering this important opportunity!


Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.

Shoreline’s General Education Outcomes: What’s Next?

Looking for an opportunity to talk about learning with brilliant colleagues collaborating on work that will transform Shoreline? 

As the College moves into Guided Pathways, the Faculty Senate Council, in collaboration with the Learning Outcomes Assessment Steering Committee and the Office Institutional Assessment and Data Management will be embarking on a two-year project to revise Shoreline’s current general education outcomes.

As co-leads of this team, Bayta Maring and Romina Plozza are seeking to build a passionate team ready to dive deep into the meaningful work that unites us all: learning.   

We are currently in the process of recruiting interested and enthusiastic faculty, students, and staff. Might you be one of them? 

Given the scope of the project, we want to make sure we have a representative group of faculty and staff, so expect us to apply the following criteria in building the team: 

  • Broad disciplinary categories should be represented (professional-technical, transfer and basic education), aligned with the content of the current general education outcomes 
  • At least one library faculty 
  • At least one advisor 
  • At least one additional faculty/staff from Students, Equity, and Success 
  • Representative from curriculum committee and from Faculty Senate Council 
  • One individual who has been part of prior general education outcomes work 

In general, we are looking for individuals with knowledge of Shoreline’s curriculum, an interest in learning and assessment, and some background knowledge (or willingness to learn) about Guided Pathways.  Prior experience with outcomes assessment is a plus, but curiosity about this process is also welcome. 

The team will meet two times per month for 1.5 hours per meeting.  There may be additional work (e.g., reading, small group meetings, data collection) outside these meetings.  We would prefer team members to commit through June 2021, with the possibility of continuing into the second year. 

Note: We currently have funding for one part time faculty (30 hours at $52 an hour per quarter). For full-time faculty, participation in the committee will fulfill college service activities. 

If you’re interested in joining the team, please email me ( with 3 – 5 sentences about why you are interested in being part of this team and how you fulfill any of the criteria above. 

Black Lives Matter / Anti-Racism Action group meeting

The Black Lives Matter / Anti-Racism Action group is a grassroots, informal group, and we are in process of deciding how to move forward.

Institutional racism is complex and needs to be addressed in all areas and levels of Shoreline CC, as well as beyond at the state and societal level. Each of us is an agent within Shoreline CC and can be active where we are already placed, such as our own work teams and committees we serve on. We can take on a new action or responsibility, or learn to better incorporate BLM / ARA focused conversations and action items within a group we are a part of.

In the next two weeks we will be listing which committees we are currently a member of and how those can advance the BLM/ARA work. From there we will identify

-whether and how to best utilize existing committees, as well as
-which one or more action teams need to be created, and
-how best to support and amplify efforts by individuals within existing or new groups.

We welcome everyone who wishes to be active on Black Lives Matter and Anti-Racism Action issues and would like to be part of a workgroup. If you are not sure where or how you fit in, it is OK to start with “listen and learn”.

Two ways to participate:

-email and shared documents communications

-zoom meetings

How to join: contact Jessica Gibson at

The next Zoom meeting will be Aug. 4, 2-3:30 pm. Email Jessica Gibson for the Zoom link.

Join the Change Management Book Club – 5-minute edition

As a reminder, the Change Management Book Club is still going strong. We are currently finishing up our first book, “Employee’s Guide to Change” by Jeffrey M. Hiatt via Zoom and want to give EVERYBODY a chance to participate.

What if I don’t have the book?
No worries. Email us at and we can send you a quick summary that will have you up to speed in 5 minutes.

Is this different than the previous Change Management Book Club?
Nope. It is the same opportunity to discuss what you found interesting and how it may apply to your life or your work. We just want to give everyone a chance to join in if they didn’t have a chance previously.

When is it?

Choose from one of three sessions:

    • Thursday, 5/21 2-3pm
    • Wednesday, 6/3 11am-12pm
    • Thursday 6/4, 3-4pm

How do I sign up?
If you need an invite, email us and let us know which session you wish to attend.

Any other questions?

If you have any questions, please contact Joe Chiappa, ctcLink Organizational Change and Project Manager.

New Executive Team Sharepoint Site


Responding to employee desire to have a greater understanding of Executive Team decisions, the Executive Team has established a new SharePoint site for all of the meeting agendas and notes.

All employees have access to this site and are welcome to review the notes anytime. The site will be updated weekly.

It is also accessible from the “Committees & Groups” page on the Intranet.