TSS Summer projects 2017

While it was a crazy hot and dry summer, TSS was buzzing around campus working on behind the scenes projects!

*PC Lab Replacements:
1301       30 computers
1302       31 computers
1308       31 computers
Total      92

*Mac Lab Replacements:
2009       23 Computers
2026       23 Computers
2016        6 Computers
Total      52

*Created multifunction classrooms:
2516       12 Computers
1721         25 Computers

*Implementing the E911 call system
*Migrated from Windows 7/8 to Windows 10
*Upgraded 40 plus faculty/staff computers
*Moved the Japanese Hospitality Program from 5300 to 1400
*Created multi-faculty offices in 5300 and 2405
*Faculty and Staff office moves
*Replaced smart classroom computers in the 2000 building
*Implemented “Redirect folders” for students accounts. Previously students used “roaming profiles” that caused a delayed sign in and sign out.
*Created a new Employee Password Reset page to allow employees to reset their own password
*Upgraded the Shoreline Report Server to the newest version, allowing use of any browser instead of just Internet Explorer
*Created a Formstack-based online Continuing Education registration and payment system

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