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Planned Network Outage Saturday, July 17 (6:30-10 a.m.)

On Saturday, July 17th from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM a facilities contractor will need to shut down power to the server room to complete the in-progress server room cooling project. TSS will initiate a planned shutdown of on-campus networking systems at 6:30 AM and restart on-campus network systems when power is restored. The complete network outage is expected to last from 6:30 AM to no later than 10:00 AM. During the outage the following services will be available and unavailable:

Available During Outage (from Off Campus)

• Core college web site
• Intranet
• Canvas
• Employee and Student Email
• Zoom, Teams
• SharePoint, OneDrive, other Office 365 services
• Registration and Payment pages, except Class Schedule

Unavailable During Outage

• Any on-campus network services
• Remote connection to campus systems using VPN and Remote Desktop
• Share Drives H:, S:, and X:
• Web applications such as Class Schedule, Campus Directory, TLR, ADP

In response to network instability that followed the previous electrical shutdown we have implemented new procedures to reduce the risk of disruption.

How to Access Faster Wi-Fi on Campus

If you are approved to work on campus and sometimes experience slow Wi-Fi, it could be that you are connected to the wrong network. Some employees are connecting to “SCC Event,” which is not optimized for use by campus students and employees.

For best results, change your Wi-Fi connection on your devices to use “SCC Staff.” This will require entering your Shoreline email address and password and will provide the fastest, most secure connection.

If you need assistance determining whether you are connected to the wrong Wi-Fi network or changing your connection, please email

Planned Network Maintenance Friday, May 7 (midnight-5 a.m.)

Our network provider, WAVE, will be performing planned maintenance between Midnight and 5 AM Friday, May 7. This will disconnect college systems from the Internet during that time frame.

There are typically few employees or students on campus at those times. Users on campus would be unable to use systems that require network connection, such as web browsing, Outlook, Teams, Zoom, etc.

Users off campus will lose access to Web Applications such as Class Schedule, Campus Directory, ADP, TLR, etc. during the service window. The core website, Canvas, Email, Zoom, and Teams will be unaffected.

Report Server Upgrade April 6, 10 a.m.

On April 6 we will activate a newer Shoreline Report Server in place of the existing one. The new server’s web interface will have subtle visual changes from the previous one, but users otherwise shouldn’t notice a difference.

Some people have had trouble subscribing to have reports automatically delivered, or have had trouble modifying their existing report subscriptions, and we are implementing the new version to aim to improve functionality in that area.

There may be a brief period of downtime for the Report Server at 10am April 6 while the changeover is made. If you need support, please contact

If you don’t currently use Report Server Reports and would like access or would like to know more, see Shoreline Report Server.

How to Request A New Online Form

TSS and Communications & Marketing often receive requests for online forms. Technologies have evolved, so we would like to share the current practices and process.

What kind of forms does TSS create?

We create forms using Formstack, an accessible online form creation tool the college has used for a number of years. We are avoiding creating new Acrobat PDF forms, which are slower to use, less accessible, and harder to make secure.

Can I create my own form?

There are often security issues with form creation, and people who are not full-time form creators may not be aware of all of them. For example, if the form collects certain kinds of private information such as Social Security numbers, it is not safe to have those sent via email. For this reason, we are working to have TSS personnel create all forms. An exception is that an employee who knows how to create Office 365 forms and wants to create a limited-audience, short-term form that won’t involve students or go on the website can do so. They must still make sure they’re not collecting any confidential information.

How do I request that a form be created?

To request a new form, fill out the Form Request located on the TSS intranet site. You can also email to start the process, and the technician responding to the ticket will share the link above.

How long will it take to get a new form?

Note that TSS form development personnel are heavily involved in a number of projects, including ctcLink, and so there may be delays creating new forms. Forms that support student enrollment and retention or legal compliance will be given highest priority.

Please direct any questions about this to Thank you!