Message from President Roberts: Welcome to winter quarter 2018!

Dear Colleague,

Welcome to winter quarter 2018! I hope that you had a restful winter break and are looking forward to continuing the great success we’ve started this academic year. Here are some important updates I want to share with you as we continue our strategic work together in the new year.

Strategic Plan Goal 1: We attract students and community learners and ensure successful attainment of their goals through our programs, services, and teaching and learning environments.

Student Enrollment Update

For the eighth consecutive quarter, we are seeing increased domestic enrollment compared to the same quarter in the previous year; as of January 4, we are up 30 quarterly full-time equivalent students (FTE) compared to Winter 2017. We are predicting a decline in international enrollment of approximately 40 quarterly FTE compared to last winter.  We are also seeing signs that our efforts around student success are having a positive impact on retention.  From Fall 2016 to Fall 2017, the retention rate for domestic students enrolled in college for the first time was 58% compared to 52% for Fall 2013 to Fall 2014.

International Enrollment Update

When I came to Shoreline, the College was experiencing double-digit growth in international enrollment. In fact, the growth was such that we were looking at limiting international enrollment with an emphasis toward diversifying our international students. International Education has done great work bringing international students from over 50 countries to our college. Just two years ago, it was difficult to imagine the possibility that national and international events would have such an impact on our College’s ability to recruit new international students. International students add not only to the rich diversity of all of our students’ experience, but our campus life as well.

Given the need for diversifying our funding sources, we are at a point that requires stepping up our international focus. I have recently traveled to China to strengthen our partnerships, as well as forge new relationships for study abroad and faculty/staff exchanges. These discussions are very exciting. As we have successfully done with our domestic enrollments, rallying the entire College in a focused way will help us meet our enrollment and revenue goals for both international and domestic students. As we continue to understand the impact of the new allocation model, we expect that by 2019, we will need to grow an additional 100 domestic FTEs and 250 international FTEs to meet the budget-neutral goal we set in 2015. As we are learning, enrolling and retaining more students from quarter-to-quarter is key to student success and the financial health of our College. I know together we can meet this challenge!

Professional Day of Learning – April 27

We have set aside the entire day of April 27 for professional learning. The campus offices will be closed and there will be no classes so that more employees may participate. Set up in a conference style, similar to Convocation, the day will include interactive activities and workshops for all employee groups. We will focus on inclusive excellence and the 3 E’s (ecological integrity, social equity, and economic viability). We will have lunch together, and then have time to work within our divisions and departments on what we have learned. There will be fun drawings throughout the day. Stay tuned for more information as the day approaches.

Faculty Tenure-Track and Academic Administration Positions

Starting in May 2017, the Dean Team led a review our departments, courses, and success data to determine which areas to recommend for filling vacancies in tenure lines for 2018-19. This was a first time for attempting a complex analysis of the data, including feedback from department faculty, reviews of enrollment trends, course success rates, employment opportunities for completers, and participation by underrepresented student groups. The process garnered useful information at the same time as it opened up new questions that we will continue to explore in future recruitments.

Out of this process, the deans came forward with 18 proposed positions. While there were 12 vacant lines, the Executive Team ultimately decided to take a slightly cautious approach to hiring for these lines as there has been a heavy workload of ARC membership for currently tenured faculty and administrators and staff, to support the large influx of tenure-track faculty; and we are moving cautiously due to the uncertainties with enrollment and revenue generation needed under the allocation model.

The Executive Team (ET) approved nine tenure-track positions for recruitment:

  • Adult Basic Education (one position with math emphasis) – Supports inclusive excellence and student success goals with a focus on getting students from pre-college to college-level courses
  • Art (two positions) – Supports inclusive excellence goals; doing our work thoughtfully by creating an equity-focused team
  • Biotech/Biology (one position) – This is the only full-time faculty for the program
  • Chemistry (one position) – A growing program with need for a specialist at the introductory level
  • Health Informatics & Information Management (one position) – Accreditation requirement
  • Medical Lab Technology (one position) – Accreditation requirement
  • Nursing (two positions) – There are 4 openings that must be replaced per accreditation requirements; faculty and administration jointly decided to hold back 2 positions to assure strong on-boarding

In addition, we are moving forward with recruitments for two deans and one associate dean:

  • Dean, Health Occupations, PE and Business
  • Dean, Humanities and ESL/ABE
  • Associate Dean, Nursing

Congratulations to Jensina Oliver, Music Faculty

The Foundation Board of Directors announced Jensina Oliver as the inaugural recipient of the 1964 Society Faculty Professional Development Scholarship for 2017. The Board expressed its appreciation for the Associate Faculty’s interest in this opportunity.  Jensina will receive $1,100 this year to attend the Music Teachers National Association Conference. Her intent is to bring back best practices and valuable information on how to incorporate the newest technology into classroom and individual instruction.

The Scholarship review committee was comprised of three Foundation Board members, two of which were faculty. The Foundation Board decided to open the first year applications to Associate Faculty at the recommendation of the Federation leadership. The 1964 Society Scholarship Fund honors the year our college was founded. It was designated for Faculty Professional Development because that was the original intention of the fund when the Foundation started a campaign in 2010. A total of $28,350 was raised. The Foundation Board of Directors, again, welcomes any donations to this fund at any time and would like to see it continue to grow.

Strategic Plan Goal 2: We continually strive for disciplined excellence and focused improvement in all that we do.

Core Themes and Accreditation 

We continue to build on our ongoing, vital work of validating and clarifying the fundamental aspects of the Shoreline experience. At our fall quarter campus update, Bayta Maring synthesized our work over three years focusing on our strategic plan, values, vision, and mission, and introduced the next phase: core themes and assessment. If you missed the presentation, you can watch the video recording. Attendees were invited to provide feedback about the core themes and indicators, and Bayta has incorporated those comments into a revised version. Please review and provide comments about Shoreline’s new core themes and indicators via this online survey. Additional information will be shared soon about our core themes work and its tie to our upcoming fall accreditation visit.

Recommendations for Improving Internal Communications

As shared at our December Campus Update, the Communications, Marketing, and Community Engagement Strategic Planning Steering Committee made several recommendations to ET based on feedback collected at this year’s Convocation activity around internal communications. The recommendations are:

  • Clearly deliver campus events and announcements to employees
  • Improve onboarding communications during new hire orientation
  • Improve the online staff directory
  • Develop a campus-wide internal document management/sharing strategy
  • Identify effective forums for two-way dialogue
  • Conduct an employee communication and connectivity survey

Response to Convocation Discussion on Internal Communication: New “CommUnity Connection” Time to Meet, Learn & Engage

We are grateful for the feedback we received during the Fall Convocation about ways we can learn about campus happenings and create more informal conversations between ET and the college community. To that end, we are launching a new series of informal campus conversations to support engagement and connection among employees.

The first CommUnity Connection will be held on Friday, February 9 from 1:30–3 p.m. in the PUB Quiet Dining Room, with the first 30 minutes for informal conversation with one another. Developed with employee input, this interactive session will provide time to gather and connect with employees, share information about timely campus events, ask ET questions, and participate in a prize drawing. As with all our gatherings, there will be opportunities to provide feedback so we can continue to improve our communication. (Note this gathering does not replace our Campus Update meetings). We look forward to our initial session to connect and engage with each other!

Day at A Glance Email Reformat

You’ll also notice that we’ve already implemented another internal communications recommendation from Convocation: improving the format of the Day at A Glance daily email message. It’s been streamlined to make it easier to see “at a glance” the top announcements and upcoming campus events. While this is a light update and not a complete overhaul, we hope it will help you stay informed of College happenings each day.

New Hire Announcements

Starting this quarter, we will reinvigorate the practice of sharing information about newly hired employees with the campus community. Each month on DAAG, we will feature a list of faculty and staff that have been hired that month. The list will include their names, titles, department/division, and office location. We hope that this will help clarify roles on campus and support a sense of connection across employees.

Summary of Board-Approved Policy Changes

Our college policies help to guide how we make decision and inform the actions we can take. Over the past eight months, the Board of Trustees has approved many policy updates in an effort to revise and refresh many of our College policies and procedures. Here is a summary of changes that occurred between May and December 2017. You can also find all of these updated documents on the intranet policy page.

  • 3811 – Accessible IT, Created, June 2017
  • 4726 – Retirement Medical Expense Plan (VEBA), Revised, October 2017
  • 5020 – Attendance Requirements, Revised, June 2017
  • 5030 – Student Conduct, Revised, September 2017
  • 5035 – Student Grievances – Academic Evaluation, Revised, February 2016
  • 6061 – Cancellation of Classes, Revised, June 2017
  • 3812 – Public Records, Revised, July 2017
  • 5164 – Prior Learning Assessment, Created, May 2017
  • 5060 – Advanced Placement, Eliminated, May 2017
  • 5061 – Credit By Exam, Eliminated, May 2017
  • 5062 – Credit for Prior Learning, Eliminated, May 2017
  • 5063 – International Baccalaureate, Eliminated, May 2017
  • 3810 – Use of Vending Machine Proceeds, Eliminated, June 2017
  • 4001 – Election of Bargaining Unit Representatives, Eliminated, June 2017
  • 4727 – Return to Work Program, Eliminated, June 2017
  • 5017 – Continuing Student Status Registration, Eliminated, June 2017
  • 5221 – Temp Positions Funded by Stu Activities Budget, Eliminated, June 2017
  • 6020 – College Teaching Day, Eliminated, June 2017
  • 6400 – Summer School, Eliminated, June 2017
  • 4722 – Advancement of Rank, Revised, September 2017
  • 5329 – Use of Human Subjects, Revised, September 2017
  • 1003 – Communicable Disease, Created, December 2017
  • 5033 – Academic Dishonesty, Eliminated, December 2017

Strategic Plan Goal 3: We ensure that a climate of intentional inclusion permeates our decisions and practices, which demonstrate principles of ecological integrity, social equity, and economic viability.

Exciting Plans for Residential Housing Continue

The Washington legislature has not yet enacted a capital budget for the 2017–19 biennium. This means that the College does not have funding for major repairs or improvements to buildings and infrastructure. It also means that we cannot begin the design process for our new Allied Health, Science, and Advanced Manufacturing complex. We are currently hoping that, with recent changes in the makeup of the legislature, a capital budget will be one of the first things addressed when it convenes on January 8. We continue to work with our legislative delegation to share information and to emphasize the importance of the capital budget to our students.

Our approximately 220-bed housing facility is on track for a fall 2019 opening, with permit documents submitted to the City of Shoreline. The building, which will be located immediately south of the PUB in the existing parking lot, is expected to break ground this spring, assuming that financing is approved in time. While the cost of the building will be paid by rental revenues from student residents, the bond financing needs to be approved by the legislature, and that approval is part of the capital budget that has yet to be passed.

Students, Equity & Success Division Updates

Students, Equity & Success had some exciting changes in fall 2017 – starting with a name change. Formerly known as Student Success, the division is now called Students, Equity & Success (SES). This change better reflects how we are expanding our work for the benefit of all students and the approach we are using to embed those practices related to equity within our commitment to inclusive excellence.

With the support of faculty involved in our honors program, the SES division welcomed The Honors College at Shoreline in fall. The Honors College expands the division’s ability to bridge the co-curricular and academic experience for our students. SES also launched a new model for New Student Orientation, where we had our largest participation to date and which included a joint orientation with international students.

Upcoming Winter Events: Mark Your Calendars!

  • Immigration Reform/DACA Panel Discussion – Thursday, January 25, 12:30-1:20 p.m., Building 9000, Room 9208 (moderated by Dr. Marisa Herrera)
  • CommUnity Connection – Friday, February 9, 1:30 – 3:00 p.m., Building 9000 Quiet Dining Room
  • Campus Update – Friday, March 9, 1:30 -3:30 p.m., Building 9000 Main Dining Room
  • Professional Day of Learning – Friday, April 27, time and locations TBA

I look forward to the remainder of this academic year and providing meaningful ways for us to build more connections with each other. I am honored to work alongside you as we continue to deliver on the promise we make each student – a college experience that is inclusive, respectful, centered on their engagement, and focused on our mission of serving the educational, workforce, and cultural needs of our diverse students and communities.

With warm regards,

Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.



  1. Thanks for this thoughtful e-mail. It was a lot to read through, but well worth the read.

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