New Day At A Glance format

Based on employee feedback from this year’s Convocation, the Day At A Glance (DAAG) daily email has been streamlined into three sections to ensure faculty and staff can more easily find relevant information:

Recent Announcements – You’ll find the most recent “news you can use” at the top of the email, with a link to “see all announcements” if you want to read more campus news. Note that this section will no longer list events – you’ll find all campus event information in the three sections below.

College Calendar – Upcoming campus events will be listed here and will drop off the list once they’ve occurred. You can also click on the “see all college events” button to see additional calendar events.

Employee Calendar – Here you’ll see upcoming internal events that are geared to faculty and staff (such as Campus Updates or professional learning opportunities)

To submit information to the calendar, DAAG, or Shoreline Today (the blog for current students), please use the online submission form.

We hope these formatting changes to the existing Day At A Glance email will better inform staff and faculty about campus happenings. In the coming months, we’ll conduct a survey to assess how the new format is working for you. Please let us know if you have any questions about the new layout.

Thank you,
Communications & Marketing

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